The Beverly Family: The Pride Of Hazard, KY

Kenneth Beverly of Hazard, KY grew up working in the coal fields by the age of fourteen.  He wasn’t an athlete himself, he didn’t have time for sports.  What he did pass on to his four sons and three daughters was an intense, never-ending work ethic developed from many years of being dependent on long shifts working the coal mines.  If he didn’t show up and put in the work, his family of nine didn’t eat.

His children, and grandchildren utilized this Beverly work ethic to excel in sports.

Kenneth’s first son Kenny Beverly has two sons of his own, Ken and Stone.  Kenny, a noted basketball player himself attempted to push both son’s to a career on the hardwood but was met with resistance.  From the earliest of ages both Ken and Stone opted for karate or combat sports, even going as far as to declare they would be pro cage-fighters to their father at the age of eleven (for Stone) and twelve (for Ken).    Kenny wasn’t accepting at first but as he saw how serious they both were about it he quickly gave them his full support.

Stone, now at the age of nineteen has a 5-4 amateur MMA record and is rumored to be fighting for the HR MMA Bantamweight (135 lbs) title in the coming months while Ken, age twenty-one is 8-3 as a Pro MMA fighter and is currently riding a 3 fight winning streak.  Ken is the current HR MMA Featherweight (145 lbs) Champion.

Heston Beverly (third son of Kenneth) played a pivotal role in the Dilce Combs Panthers nineteen-ninety-three Kentucky State Basketball Championship (highlight reel can be seen here, Heston wears jersey number thirteen) before going on to play for Morehead State and legendary Head Coach Dick Fick.  Heston has a son Ridge Beverly who is rated one of the top seventh graders in the state as he plays for “Darius Miller Elite” the top AAU team in Kentucky.

Kenneth’s fourth and youngest son Richard grew up playing basketball and football himself but it is his son Braxton Beverly who is recording 9.0 PPG, 2.3 APG while playing 19.3 MPG over the NC State Wolfpack’s undefeated start to the regular season (4-0).

Braxton and the NC State Wolfpack will be playing in Louisville, KY at the YUM Center on Thursday January twenty fourth at eight PM ET against Chris Mack and the Louisville Cardinals.

NC State Wolfpack Head Coach Kevin Keatts was an assistant at Louisville under Rick Pitino from the years two thousand and eleven until two thousand and fourteen.

There are many Beverly’s who were not mentioned in this article who have and will accomplish many great athletic feats, it’s fair to say to keep your eyes peeled for anyone with the last name Beverly from Hazard, KY.  They are the pride of Hazard.



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    This Kelly Patrick is a sexist. Why is there nothing in this article about the Beverly daughters. He is obviously threatened by women empowered!

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