Cody Stevens recovering after gruesome injury

Cody Stevens | photo courtesy Mike Wrobel/ShootItMMA

Cody Stevens | photo courtesy Mike Wrobel/ShootItMMA

You’ll not find someone in the Ohio Valley as versatile and just plain ol’ tough as Cody Stevens. He’s been a mainstay of big fights in Ohio and beyond for some time now. He’s suffered through some rough injuries but following his last bout he’s now recovering from a just horrible mishap.

Stevens met Aaron Mitchell at Honor Fighting Championship 6 in Cleveland on August 18th. During the fight the base of Mitchell’s thumb, closed hand, was thrust into Stevens eye. Following the incident Stevens was transported to the hospital . It was discovered he had a ruptured globe.

Stevens wife Melissa posted an update on his condition:

 I know a lot of friends have reached out and it is just so hard to respond to each person individually… so we decided to update everyone as best we could on here.
While I’m sure it was not an intentional injury, the base of his opponents thumb(CMC AND IP joint) were basically thrusted upward and into the eye socket rupturing the eye-
Cody followed up with the ophthalmologist in Cleveland after rupturing his right globe on Saturday 8/18, surgical repair 8/19. Today, the eye is still blood filled making it difficult to see or ascertain what else will be needing repaired.The risk of infection is still very high and a major concern- which could result in eye removal and spread to the non affected eye causing issues there as well. the discomfort/pain and irritation are going to be problematic over the next few weeks. Along with that he’s dealing with severe light sensitivity even in the non affected eye- so he is to avoid straining and rest his eyes throughout the day. The road is long and the doctors believe we will have at least one more surgery if not more in the future. He is advised to rest and limit activity significantly.

He could see some light today at the doctor- despite the blood- but unable to detect movement or shapes. We are continuing to pray and stay positive…. and we ask all our friends and family do the same.

We hope nothing but the best for Cody and his family as he recovers.

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