Johnathan Ivey explains ending to Colosseum Combat XLV main event

It was an odd way to close out an event but Johnathan Ivey managed to entertain and confuse what now has become a massive audience to the Colosseum Combat main event from Saturday night. By now it’s been all over the internet, Ivey grabs his chest, lands a big shot that drops his opponent and follows it up with some brutal ground and pound. It looked as if he was on his way to victory when he just, well, stopped.

Ivey has been an entertainer as much as a fighter throughout his career. Staged cage walks to Rocky, Silence of the Lambs and other skits have been a part of who he is. It is great showmanship but the way the fight ended left alot of people with questions and even more people with an opinion of the spectacle.

Listen to Ivey explain above and check out the clip below.


Ivey told BluegrassMMA this about what transpired.

It’s kind of complicated Gary. When I turned pro on the undercard of a hook’n shoot event years ago, Travis Fulton was the main event that night. I looked up to him throughout my career and tried to emulate his career as much as I could. Years ago I tattooed a portrait of him on my leg sleeve, that I was dedicating to the men in the sport that I looked up to. I was supposed to defend this heavyweight title in February but UFC vet after UFC vet would agree to the fight and then drop out. So then it was agreed upon that Fulton would be the opponent and I was excited. I would get to fight the guy I looked up to from the beginning. The first couple minutes was Travis and I just exchanging punches and kicks. Then I caught him with a left hook that hurt him and put him down with a right hand. Once he went down I followed him to the ground and through some hard shots. The second one I threw his eyes rolled back in his head. I told the ref Travis was done and to stop it but he didn’t. I threw some more punches and Travis came back a little bit. He was still defenseless but he was able to bring his legs up. So I put my knee on his head and just threw short shots. He wasn’t moving and his head was trapped. His legs were up but he was defenseless. I threw a couple more punches and begged the ref to stop it. The ref wouldn’t. So i stood up and backed away and bent over to tap the mat. Yes I wanted to fight Travis, but I didn’t want to punch him after his eyes rolled back and he was defenseless. I was never the fighter Travis was and I never will be. He’s the reason I made the decisions I did during my career. I wasn’t going to keep punching him when the fight should have been over.


  1. Gary Copeland

    July 2, 2018 at 2:18 pm

    I respect both of these fighters and they are both good with many fights under their belt. At no point did Travis ever go out and the majority of the strike were hitting arms. When I warned Travis he moved and grabbed Johnathan’s leg. It was close to being stopped but John stopped on his own and choose to tap the canvas. I did not like to see it end like that but Travis was not out, or injured and tried to improve his position when warned. I had a clear view the whole time and the action was near the commission and they saw the same thing I did. I respect both these fighters and they are both class acts. Remember this is a pro-fight between two veteran fighters.

    • Kimberly West

      July 3, 2018 at 5:36 pm

      Ask Travis…he says he doesn’t remember any of that…he knows he was rocked..doesn’t make it a bad nom-stoppage but you got it wrong this time..good on you John ivey

  2. Justin Hahn

    July 2, 2018 at 3:13 pm

    Well said Gary. I was across the cage, but witnessed it the way you described.

  3. MMAfan

    July 2, 2018 at 10:50 pm

    I respect your viewpoint Gary but Travis’ face before going down and after going down says otherwise.

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