Craft beer and combat sports come together at 50 West’s Punch Out: Round 3

Punch Out: Round 3

Punch Out: Round 3

If you know anything about me, it’s that I love craft beer. And that I love combat sports.

That’s one of the reasons why I’m excited to attend “Punch Out: Round 3” at 50 West Brewing Company this weekend.

The concept is simple: craft breweries from around Cincinnati (and slightly further) send their employees off to a boot camp to train, and when they emerge they represent their home breweries in amateur boxing bouts for bragging rights. Throw in about 2,500 people, over 100 different craft beers, the support of Kroger, and you’ve got yourself a unique event.

The growth of 50 West has exploded in 2018, with the brewery moving into cans earlier this year after getting their footing from opening their larger Production Works facility across the street from their original location on Route 50 east of Cincinnati a couple years ago. They even had to double their capacity to keep up with demand from Kroger, which is featuring them as its brewery of the month for July.

This year, Punch Out features nine bouts including four women’s contests. Seven Cincinnati breweries will be represented, including 50 West, Rhinegeist, MadTree, Fretboard, Taft’s, Fibonacci, and March First. Yellow Springs Brewery and Lexington’s West Sixth Brewing will also send participants.

Cincinnati Bell has also signed on as a sponsor and will host viewing parties at craft beer destinations and bars across the city.

“It’s one of those things where the beer community gets it and people get involved,” 50 West managing partner Bobby Slattery said. “It’s an opportunity to be proud of ourselves.”

Punch Out: Round 3 card

Ali Wyrostek (Rhinegeist) vs. Donna Hamker (50 West) – Lightweight
Nicki Logsdon (MadTree) vs. Candace Garrett (Fretboard) – Middleweight
Kay Earnest (Taft’s) vs. Moe McKnight (50 West) – Middleweight
Tiffany Ryan (MadTree) vs. Katie Swantko (50 West) – Middleweight
Arya Jouhari (Taft’s) vs. Cody Pekus (Yellow Springs) – Middleweight
Mitch Dougherty (Rhinegeist) vs. Riley Krutza (Fibonacci) – Light Heavyweight
Corey Minton (Rhinegeist) vs. Bryan Fischer (March First) – Light Heavyweight
Conor Thomas (West Sixth) vs. Chris Cooper (50 West) – Heavyweight
Connor Cantrell (Taft’s) vs. Ben Wiley (50 West) – Super Heavyweight

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