Vitor Oliveira, Jessica Eye, Cody Stevens vs. Shawn Rall set for Fight to Win Pro 69 in Cleveland

Fight to Win Pro 69

Fight to Win Pro 69 O

A host of MMA veterans are set to compete at Fight to Win Pro 69 this Friday night in Cleveland. The list includes Vitor Oliveira, Jessica Eye, Cody Stevens, Shawn Rall, Chico Bays, and more.

Jiu-jitsu black belt Oliveira is set to compete in the main event, as the GFTeam product and Ronin Training Center coach will square off against The Mat Factory’s Keith Miner in a 180-pound nogi black belt matchup.

Also in action will be Strong Style’s Jessica Eye, as the UFC flyweight will face Tamara Leonard of Adventure Martial Arts in a 135-pound purple belt nogi matchup.

A pair of notable pro MMA fighters will square off in a 145-pound bout, as Cody Stevens of Strong Style will face Shawn Rall in a purple belt nogi matchup.

Two more MMA fighters will square off in a 195-pound brown belt nogi match, as Keith Smetana of SAS faces GFTeam’s Chico Bays.

Plenty of other MMA veterans will be in action at the event, which takes place at the NE Sports Plant in Cleveland.

The event will stream live via FloGrappling. Check out the full lineup below.

Fight to Win Pro 69 card

180lbs Black Belt NOGI

Vitor Oliveira (GFT) vs Keith Miner (Mat Factory)

185lbs Black Belt Gi

Dante Leon (GFT) vs Cameron Knight (SAS)

Heavy Weight Black Belt Gi

Matt Godden (GFT) vs Neto Gomez (Gomez BJJ)

190lbs Black Belt Gi

Robert Henricksen (Monarch BJJ) vs Dan Swift (Team DNA)

185lbs Black Belt Gi

BJ Nelson (Super System) vs Thomas Kozlowski (SAS)

165lbs Black Belt GI

Mike Manchak (Nova Uniao) vs Jon Correa (BJJ Coach)

145lbs Black Belt NOGI

Tom Scala (Leverage BJJ) vs Ruben Vera (CLeber Jiu Jitsu)

135lbs Black Belt NOGI

Darren Branch (Love and Chokes) vs Rob Hileman (Leverage BJJ)

235lbs Brown Belt GI

Christopher Oden (Hurricane Jiu Jitsu) vs Jacob Mouro (Badger Style BJJ)

225lbs Brown Belt NOGI

Joe Sanfilippo (Total Control Acadmey) vs Mike Martin (Love and Chokes)

195lbs Brown Belt NOGI

Keith Smetana (SAS) vs Chico Bays (GFT)

185lbs Brown Belt GI

Mike Hluhan (True Believer) vs Dinos Angelas (Super System)

165lbs Brown Belt GI

Dan Sweeney (Hurricane Jiu Jitsu) vs Michael Spatafora (Badger Style)

155lbs Brown Belt Gi

Mark Farrell (Next Level Martial Arts) vs Carlo Claridad

120lbs NOGI

Crystal Demopolous (GFT) vs Aline Paes Krisner (High Ground BJJ)

250lbs Purple Belt GI

Pedro Zapata Jr (Brasa) vs Jeremiah Roberts (Indiana Pit)

210lbs Purple NOGI

Emil Fischer (Strong Style Brasa) vs Adam Sadny (Rio Pro BJJ)

210lbs Purple Belt Gi

Anthony Santiago (TOSS Academy) vs Gary Hensley (Syper SYtem BJJ)

205lbs Purple Belt GI

Christopher Hardin (SAS) vs Jacob Myers Propst (Consecution)

190lbs Purple Belt NOGI

Wyatt Rouston (Strong Style ) vs Ken Robinson (Monarch BJJ)

175lbs Purple Belt GI

Samuel Lemin (Monarch BJJ) vs Tim Plazak (Team East Coast)

165lbs Purple Belt NOGI

Robert Rizer (Gracie Orwell) vs Shawn McMichael (Relson Gracie)

160lbs Purple Belt Gi

Ricardo Mejia (SAS) vs Andrew Pardee (Shawn Hammonds)

155lbs Purple Belt NOGI

Michael Haskett (Levarage BJJ) vs Jonathon Plazak (Team East Coast)

155lbs Purple Belt NOGI

Jeffrey Pelton (Strong Style) vs Marcus Crawford (Gracie Humatia)

150lbs Purple Belt GI

Edward Bean (Next Level) vs Ricardo Casanova

145lbs Purple Belt NOGi

Cody Stevens (Strong Style) vs Shawn Rall

135lbs Purple Belt NOGI

Jessica Eye (Strong Style) vs Tamara Leonard (Adventure Martial Arts)

135lbs Purple Belt NOGI

Mike Kaczmarek (Meltons Jiu Jitsu) vs Ben Wileford (Strong Style)

135lbs Purple Belt NOGI

Jeffrey Offak (Griffonraw Combat Sports) vs Ryan Croyle (Leverage BJJ)

130lbs Purple Belt GI

Gabriella Mcauliffe (Rio Pro BJJ) vs Darian Primeau (Ohio Brasa)

*subject to change

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