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Honor Fighting Championship

Honor Fighting Championship

Honor Fighting Championship 3 is set to go down tonight in Akron, Ohio, and the event will be streamed live right on in the section below.

The main event features a professional light heavyweight title bout between Aleksa Camur (2-0) and Allen Bose (2-0).

Check out the official fight card from Honor FC 3 here, and you can see full results here.

The price for the stream is $14.99.

The live stream begins at 7 pm ET.

Some tips for streaming:

Please test your video playback before buying. Click HERE to do so.

1. Adobe Flash Player 9 or above must be installed.
2. It is often helpful to restart your computer before viewing a live event to clear out memory. Also be sure to refresh your browser frequently.
3. Close all applications except for your Web Browser. The Flash player is a high-performance player and may require high CPU usage.
4. Make sure you aren’t downloading any files or viewing other videos as this can cause the video to be choppy.
5. You must be using a high-speed Internet connection such as Cable or DSL. Dial-up Internet and some Broadband Wireless cards are too slow for our Live Events.
6. Please note: is only a distributor of this iPPV and it is hosted on Fite TV. Click here to contact Fite TV support directly if you have any problems with the stream.

Honor Fighting Championship 3 stream (via Fite TV):

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