Top 5 reasons you should care about Josh Fremd vs. Robert Gidron at Pinnacle FC 16

Robert Gidron vs Josh Fremd

Robert Gidron vs Josh Fremd

Pinnacle FC 16 is just over a week away, and one of the featured fights on the card is Josh Fremd (2-0) vs. Robert Gidron (2-1) in a pro middleweight contest.

Check out the reasons why you should either purchase tickets or tune in to FloCombat to check out this fight below.

5 – Fremd is unbeaten

After reeling off five straight wins to close out his amateur career, Fremd has kept the ball rolling downhill as a pro, earning victories in his first two outings. What’s more, they’ve both come via stoppage – a TKO and a submission – showing how well rounded he is and that he’s always looking to finish the fight. Still just 24 years old, he’s rounded himself into a legit prospect at a division that needs some new blood.

4 – Gidron’s amateur background

Although he only had an official amateur record of 4-1, Gidron competed a bunch of times in his native Michigan before amateur MMA was regulated in the state. From what I can tell, it looks like he had at least 20 amateur fights with an impressive record and all kinds of titles.

3 – Fremd’s taste of the big show

In just his second pro outing, Fremd competed at Bellator 186 in November at the Bryce Jordan Center in State College, PA. The card was filled with tons of Pennsylvania talent, but he was one of the night’s standouts, submitting his opponent Ryan Parker with a rear naked choke in the second round.

Many believed the impressive win on the big stage was a sign of things to come for the Uniontown Fight Club product.

2 – This crazy KO

After watching some tape, my scientific conclusion is that Gidron is a scary dude. This crazy body slam face plant knockout is from his amateur days and shows just what he is capable of.

1 – The matchup

This is a really good matchup. Fremd is 6’4 and is the rare fighter who actually knows how to fight tall. He’s adept at keeping opponents at bay with his jab, which he likes to use as a range finder. As is the calling card of Uniontown Fight Club fighters, he’s technically sound and isn’t going to give you any openings on the feet. He throws a heavy right leg kick, especially against shorter opponents. He’s also got good head movement and doesn’t just back straight up to avoid punches like many MMA fighters. On the ground, he’s got plus wrestling that he likes to keep in his back pocket until he needs it. In his pro debut against Warren Roberds, he showed some nice ground and pound in the first round and was also able to rebound from a knockdown at the end of the first round to actually finish another takedown and end up on top. He took control in the second round and finished the fight after reigning down blows from mount for over a minute.

Gidron is a super athletic fighter who loves to rag doll opponents and routinely looks for the slam. I’m not sure how, but he actually had his first couple of fights at welterweight before deciding to move up to middleweight before his last outing. Built like an NFL safety, he hits like one too, as just about all of his punches are 100% power. He loves to wrestle and get the fight to the ground. In his last fight, he came up short against the more experienced Muhammad Abdullah at middleweight. He’ll have to use his speed as a middleweight and rely less on his strength and power.

This fight will be determined by whichever fighter has his way. While they’re both very well rounded, Fremd probably wants it on the feet while Gidron almost certainly wants to wrestle.

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