Donny Korbel picks up what could be his last amateur win

Donny Korbel wins at Justified Defiance Fight Series 9

Donny Korbel wins at Justified Defiance Fight Series 9

Donny Korbel (12-9) is no stranger to going into the late rounds. In fact, just over half of his fights have now gone into the third round or later. Tonight was no exception. Going into the final round of the main event at Justified Defiance Fight Series 9, Korbel had the momentum over his opponent Devin Mazik (6-2).

It was that momentum and the energy from the crowd that gave Korbel the fire he needed. As the two clinched up at the beginning of the third round, Korbel saw the chance to lock on a standing guillotine submission choke. He made several attempts at lifting Mizak up off his feet to deepen the submission. Just over a minute into the round Mizak had enough and tapped out.

The win, Korbel’s second in a row, was his twenty-first overall amateur fight. He began his career nearly eight years ago, and tonight he proclaimed he was ready for the next step.

During his post-fight interview with ring announcer George Phillips, Korbel was asked the age-old question of when the fans see him take the inevitable leap into the professional ranks.

“When can we start signing checks to you,” Phillips asked Korbel. Of course, he was referring to professional fighters getting paid to step inside the cage and collecting their purse, usually by check, afterward.

“Bernie [Profato] I’m ready to go pro,” Korbel said as he was looking for the Executive Director of the Ohio Athletic Commission in the crowd as he was in attendance tonight.

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