Will Terrence Chan be fighting again in 2018?

Professional fighting world has many colorful personalities and interesting people dedicated to what they do. One of them surely is Chinese competitor known by the name of Terrence Chan, who successfully combines his two passions: for MMA and poker. However, his last fight took place back in March 2017, and the question about his future endeavors in this matter remains unanswered.

Terrence Chan is Hong Kong based bantamweight mixed martial arts contestant. Born in 1980 he clearly made the decision to go pro pretty late in life. Therefore, his career path doesn’t contain too many highlights. His four professional fights consist of three wins and one loss. All those times he came out a winner (versus Alex Lee, Joco Mabute, Vaz Lep) it happened by submission (Armbar or Kimura). Unfortunately, he had to accept the defeat when he stepped into the cage and faced Keegan Oliver. That was the March fight that ended in technical knockout.

Chan surely made his mark on the world of professional poker. He always emphasizes that the success in both disciplines depends largely on keeping your head cool and not letting your ego get in the way. Those qualities that make him a great fighter come in handy in big poker tournaments. He is undoubtedly patient, persistent and strong. You can be sure he will not back down so easily. Meeting him at the table could be an exciting opportunity for fans, and facing him in actual game – maybe not so. Therefore, just like Chan spends hours on excessive training at the gym, you might want to consider polishing your card skills yourself, by taking advantage of some of those sites where you can play poker online for free. And it is not just something you say about celebrity players, to make sense out of it. Chan’s poker adventure had started before his fighting career began. First live events date back as far as 1998, marking the 18th birthday spot, and total prize money accumulated from tournaments is now over a million dollars.

Currently, with the uncertainty about his fighting days, it seems like Chan’s main focus might be shifting in favor of poker games or other activities. The harsh and obvious truth is, he is not getting any younger and this surely is a demanding sport. Chan addressed some of those doubts in soon after the March fight post on the blog he’s been writing since 2011. You can see there that the unfavorable outcome of that combat against Oliver, even though humbly and honestly self-assessed, has definitely affected his professional ambitions as an athlete. On one hand, there is probably a lot to be thinking about, with pregnant wife and questions about the future, and on the other – there’s always better to come out of your last battle as a winner. Especially if you feel you still have some fire in you. Besides, like we wrote once before: fighters will always be fighting, no matter what their daily jobs might be. So there is definitely hope we will get to see Terrence Chan kicking some ass on the mat again, if the health and circumstances allow.






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