Update: Bernie Profato confirms list of suspended fighters in falsified bloodwork scandal

Bernie Profato | photo by Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

Bernie Profato | photo by Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

We have an update to an article that we originally posted last week regarding mixed martial arts fighters being suspended in the state of Ohio for allegedly submitting falsified bloodwork.

Erik Magraken of CombatSportsLaw confirmed with Ohio Athletic Commission executive director Bernie Profato that 23 fighters have been suspended:

Update November 28, 2017 – Today I spoke with Bernie Profato, the Ohio Athletic Commission’s Executive Director, who confirmed his office has been investigating numerous fighters for submitting falsified bloodwork.  Profato confirms a total 23 fighters have been suspended.  These include 21 amateur MMA fighters and 2 professional.

Profato published the following list of fighters involved:

The investigation is ongoing however at this stage a matchmaker has come forward admitting to orchestrating this scheme of falsified blood work.  Apparently he has provided the Ohio Athletic Commission an affidavit identifying the extent of the fraud.  All 23 fighters have agreed to undergo proper blood work and I am advised that the tests came back negative meaning opponents who unwittingly competed against these fighters have not been exposed to physical harm from this unfortunate scheme.

BluegrassMMA has learned that Profato said Gary Young is the matchmaker who took full responsibility during an OAC meeting on November 14. He was the matchmaker of record for Primetime MMA.

Our original list included 21 of the 23 suspended fighters, as Jeff Shooltz and Josh Killian were not on our original list. Our original list also included amateur fighters Jarrod Bowman, Zachory Cooper, and Donald Starkey. Although these three fighters were not listed, they were listed as suspended by the Ohio Athletic Commission when we posted our original article. Cooper and Starkey are still listed as suspended, while Bowman is no longer listed as suspended. (These fighters may have been suspended for other reasons.)

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