Flashback Friday: Boxer vs. MMA fighter in 2014

Mike Williams vs. Marc Salser

In 2014, a chapter in the boxing vs. MMA debate was written in Mansfield, Ohio, when veteran MMA fighter Mike Williams faced veteran boxer Marc Salser at RFO: Big Guns 14. With Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor going down this weekend, we decided this would be a great time to repost this article. Check out what happened below. 

We all know the age old question, who would win between a boxer and MMA fighter? We finally have an answer to that question. However, there are a lot of variables that we have to take into consideration so while this was just one instance of a boxer and MMA fighter it does not indicate which is better.

Last night at Big Guns 14, professional boxer Marc “The Ring Shark” Salser stepped into the cage for the very first time. After amassing, a 15-1 record as a boxer Salser decided to give cage-fighting a chance. Of course, he wasn’t fighting just anyone in his debut fight. Standing across from him was “The Karate” Mike Williams.

The tension between these two was building up nicely as any promoter would enjoy, leading up to the fight. With words exchanged between them, you knew that this fight was going to live up to the hype that was surrounding it. Before the event even started promoter Matt Trukovich took to the microphone to warn every to let the fighting occur inside the cage, and not amongst the fans of the two fighters. According to Trukovich, large portions of those in attendance were there to see this fight.

As Salser and Williams made their way to the cage, it was evident with the electricity in the air that this was going to be an exciting fight. You can watch the fight in it’s entirety below.


“… you can’t have a great fight without some controversy and a great opponent …”

– Mike Williams


During the first portion of the opening round, you could see that the boxer wanted no part of the ground game. Nearly every time Williams went to his back Salser stood over him waiting for him to get back to his feet. Salser wanted to keep the fight standing, where he would pose more of a threat to Williams.

At one point in the round, when the two did end up on the ground Salser attempted a submission. After he had realized the choke was not locked on deep enough he let go and got back to his feet. Towards the end of the round, the two were back on the ground. It was here you could tell the inexperience of Salser was starting to show as Williams was able to control the fight for the rest of the round.

When the two went into the second round, Willaims attempted a standing guillotine. Salser noticed he was in trouble, and picked Williams up slamming him down to the ground. He then attempted to pass the guard but in the process of doing so Williams was able to reverse position gaining top control. From here it was just a matter of time before he was able to grab the arm of Salser to lock on an armbar submission.

Mike Williams (MMA Fighter) vs. Marc Salser (Boxer)


The win was huge for Williams, who was coming off a loss headed into the fight. Much respect goes out to Salser for stepping into the cage against Williams, who himself has racked up 18 fights as a cage fighter. After the fight was over, Williams’ fans cheering, Trukovich stepped inside the cage proclaiming it the best fight he has ever seen inside the RFO cage.

Much thanks to my coaches, teammates, family, and friends, and even Marc Salser and his fans, you can’t have a great fight without some controversy and a great opponent,” said Williams after the fight. While we disagree with him on the controversy part, it definitely does add more interest in the fight.

Both boxers and mixed martial artists over the years have claimed that they are the better fighters. That if the two were ever to meet, whether in a boxing bout or cage fight, which their respective profession would claim victory over the other. Of course, there is no definitive answer as to which sport is better as it comes down to the athletes stepping inside the ring or cage. At Big Guns 14, it was a mixed martial artist who came out on top. Until the next time these two professions meet, us MMA fans can enjoy the taste of victory… at least for now.

Photo Courtesy of Mike Wrobel of ShootItMMA.com

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