Hardrock MMA 90 weigh-in results

Hardrock MMA 90 weigh-in results: Branden Bishop and Ian Lawler

Hardrock MMA 90 weigh-in results: Branden Bishop and Ian Lawler

It looks like all 15 fights are intact for tonight’s event. Earlier this week there were 16 scheduled bouts, but it sounds like the match-up between Mordecai Zodinliana, and Dustin Purcell is no longer on the books.

Looking at the results, it appears Zodinliana stilled weighed-in (167lbs) in hopes of getting a last minute replacement.

Tonight’s action takes place at the Derby Park Expo Five in Louisville, Kentucky. The doors open at 6 PM with the first fight taking place at 7:30 PM. Tickets are still available. If you are unable to attend tonight’s event, then stay tuned to BluegrassMMA.com.

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Hardrock MMA 90 weigh-in results

Amateur Fights
Zack Arflact (183lbs) vs. Jacob Stewart (185lbs) – Middleweight
Donshay White (*) vs. Ricky Muse (232lbs) – Heavyweight
Dalton Coleman (174lbs) vs. Dale Tossi (168lbs) – Catchweight (175)
Joseph “Cody” Parker (223) vs. Travis Branum (206lbs) – Heavyweight
Nicholas Maupin (164lbs) vs. William Sirles (159lbs) – Catchweight (165)
Derrick Smith (*) vs. Justin McMillian (158lbs) – Catchweight (160)
Joel Benette (151lbs) vs. Stone Beverly (*) – Catchweight (150)
Jeffrey Wipfel (155lbs) vs. Cody Smith (154lbs) – Lightweight
Kalen “Chance” Ray (*) vs. Jason Keller (*) – Featherweight
Matthew Schofield (170lbs) vs. Bryan Hamilton (170lbs) – Welterweight
Eli Mefford (145lbs) vs. Joseph Boarman (146lbs) – Featherweight
Ryan Hutchinson (135lbs) vs. Neil Mullins (133lbs) – Bantamweight
Erin Palmer (124lbs) vs. Starr Pinchbeck (126lbs) – Flyweight
Justin Burgun (*) vs. Raleigh Abbott (225lbs) – Heavyweight Title

Professional Fights
Ian Lawler (160lbs) vs. Branden Bishop (159lbs) – Catchweight (160)

* Fighters will weigh in Saturday before the fights

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