Video: V3Fights 60 weigh-in results: 1 fighter comes in 5 pounds heavy

V3Fights Amateur Title Fight And Professional Fighters Weigh-In

V3Fights Amateur Title Fight And Professional Fighters Weigh-In

Last night the V3Fights amateur title fight competitors and the professional fighters stepped on the scales and all but 1 fighter made weight ahead of tonight’s V3Fights 60 event.

Current HFC professional featherweight champion Jose Mariscal (6-2) was the lone fighter who missed weight. Mariscal is still scheduled to compete tonight against current V3Fights professional featherweight champion, Bryce Mitchell (8-0). Mariscal came in five pounds over for the title fight. According to Mariscal, he will still be defending his title, however, Mitchell’s title will not be up for grabs.

“To all my fans and teammates. I apologize for a freak weight cut I had the past day. I tried everything I mean everything to cut the last five pounds,” Mariscal wrote on his Facebook.

“Josh Wick is a witness to all of this. I couldn’t even break a ounce since 8am-4pm. I am defending my HFC title and if I win I won’t be taking the V3fights title home. I’m past that and I like to thank the staff and promoter from V3fights for letting this fight go on. And for Bryce taking the fight 👊🏻. Now it’s time to heal up and focus on putting on a great show tomorrow night. I came to fight and that’s what Im going do. All in or nothing! Let’s get it”

For the remaining amateur fighters, they will weigh-in prior to today’s event.

The event will stream live via the promotion’s website with a price tag of $24.99. Check out the weigh-in results below.

V3Fights 60 Pro Weigh-In Results

V3 Amateur Featherweight Title Fight
Jose Zuniga (3-4) – 146.0lbs
Reggie Adams (V3 Lightweight and Featherweight Champions) (2-0) – 144.7lbs

Lightweight Bout
Jesse Wallace (0-0) – 153.8lbs
Ryan Collins (3-0) – 155.0lbs

V3 Heavyweight Title Fight
Kem Oti (2-0) – 260.8lbs
Jahsua Marsh (c) (0-2) – 260.1lbs

V3 Flyweight Title Fight
Lawrence DiGuilio (HFC Champion) (22-8-1) – 125.0lbs
Sean Santella (CFFC Champion) (16-6-1) – 124.4lbs

V3 Featherweight Title Fight
Jose Mariscal (HFC Champion) (6-2) – 149.7lbs
Bryce Mitchell (V3 Champion) (c) (8-0) – 143.7lbs

V3 Welterweight Title FIght
Nolan Norwood (8-3) – 170.5lbs
Jaleel Willis (6-0) – 170.3lbs

Here is look at the rest of the V3 Fights 60 event:

– Jacob Sandlin vs. Caleb Everson – Bantamweight
– Olivia vs. Pauline Macias – Flyweight
– Dillion Corcoran vs. Darrius Foster – Flyweight
– Rakim Talley vs. Steven Birdsong – Light Heavyweight

Photo and video courtesy of V3Fights

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