Video: Adam Townsend misses weight ahead of ACB 62

Adam Townsend misses weight ahead of ACB 62

Adam Townsend misses weight ahead of ACB 62

Adam “Primetime” Townsend (17-4) was slated to make his promotional debut in Russia tonight against Alexandr Shabily (15-3). Unfortunately, Townsend came in heavy on the scales. The bout was scheduled to take place in the lightweight division.

When Townsend stepped on the scales, the reading came across at 162lbs or roughly 6 pounds over his allotted weight limit. As is customary in the sport, all non-title fights are allowed a one pound variance.

After the initial weigh-ins, both parties began to negotiate terms to keep the fight from being scrapped. According to Townsend, the two fighters agreed to fight, but Townsend could weigh no more than 77 kilograms (170 pounds) the following day at noon.

However, it seems Shabily changed his mind and said that Townsend could weigh no more than 170lbs by 5:00 PM of fight day. “I thought that was ridiculous,” said Townsend who goes on to explain that eventually agreed to everything Shabily wanted.

As soon as officials explain to Shabily that Townsend agreed to all his stipulations, Shabily then changed his mind. He said he wanted Adam to weigh-in at no more than 167lbs after they spent hours negotiating 170lbs. At this point, Townsend talked it over with his team and decided it wasn’t in his best interests for health reasons to accept the new terms.

Since Townsend was the one who missed weight it was up to Shabily to set the terms for the fight.

Townsend apologized in the video for being unprofessional and missing weight. He closes the video out by saying had the tables been reversed he would have accepted the fight. “If he would have done the exact samething I done, … I wouild have just took the money,” Townsend said. He then followed that up in true Primetime fashion by saying, “I think he’s just a big pussy who didn’t want to fight me.

Absolute Championship Berkut (ACB) 62 takes place at the Express Arena in Rostov, Russia.

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