Scott Hope almost has the perfect ending in final fight

Scott Hope defeats Doug Williams at Warrior FC vs Valor: Border Wars

Scott Hope defeats Doug Williams at Warrior FC vs Valor: Border Wars

Scott Hope (7-5) stopped Doug Williams (1-2) by referee stoppage at Warrior FC vs. Valor Fights: Border Wars (event results). Heading into the fight, Hope told the world this would be his last time inside the cage. After an impressive 14 year career, he would have the near perfect ending.

As kids, we all imagined ourselves up to plate in Game 7 of the World Series. You know the dream. The one where the bases are loaded, and our team is down one run. Then with the swing of our bat, we send the ball flying over the wall to win the championship.

Well in the fight world the equivalent to that is to get that the so-called one-hitter quitter, the walk away knockout. Tonight, Scott Hope almost accomplished that very feat. He landed a left hook that sent his opponent Doug Williams to the ground.

Hope immediately walked away from his opponent believing he just won the fight. With a miraculous recovery, Williams got back to his feet and instantly went after Hope.

Unsure of what was going on, Hope regained his composure and locked on the standing guillotine choke. The submission appeared too tight but sensing Williams wasn’t going to tap, Hope lets go of the choke.

With Williams pressed up against the cage Hope unloads a flurry of unanswered strikes forcing the referee to step in to call an end to the fight.

While Hope didn’t get the picture perfect stoppage he wanted, he came close enough. After the fight was over and as he was walking out, Hope took his fights off and laid them on the mat for the final time.

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