Regardless of their Day Jobs, Fighters Want to Fight

SOURCE: Pixabay

Mixed Martial Arts is attracting all kinds of competitors these days. In the past, what someone did for a living might have keep these true warriors out of the cage. But all that is changing now. The path to competing in MMA is wide open to anybody who’ll put the work in to get there.

It’s true that almost anybody can get booked on an amateur fight card. There are always promoters looking for warm bodies to put in front of their ticket paying crowd. Some of these promoters are shady, and some are well-intentioned. Either way, racking up some Amateur wins, or being a Professional Kickboxer before going Pro in MMA, says a lot about your commitment to being competitive in this sport.

One such aspiring fighter is Idris Elba. You might not recognize this British actor’s name, but there is a very good chance you’ve seen his face on the big screen. He’s been a featured cast member on movies such as Thor, Avengers: Age of Ultron, The Gunman, and Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. And most recently he starred in the $300 million plus box office blockbuster Star Trek Beyond.

Idris started his trek towards the MMA platform by first competing in a Professional Kickboxing match. In October of 2016, Idris fought and beat a much younger and more experienced Dutch Kickboxer. His journey to his first Pro Kickboxing win has been chronicled in a Discovery Channel television show. In it, you can see how Idris prepares for his upcoming fight. This soft-spoken actor has openly stated that competing in MMA is a dream that he’s always wanted to realize. He’s well on his way to achieving that goal. Keep it up Idris. You definitely have a fighter’s heart!

What do you think of when you hear the term “professional poker player?” Do you envision a Professional MMA fighter, making his living with a deck of cards? Terrence Chan is doing just that. Terrance was born in Hong Kong and has spent years honing his poker playing skills. On the professional poker playing circuit, he has accrued over $1 million in prize money. He’s very skilled at what he does. But when he’s not playing poker, you can find him advancing his fighting skills at the Lions MMA school located in Vancouver, BC.

Terrence has paid his MMA dues too. He spent some time fighting in the amateur ranks before he racked up a total of three Professional wins with zero losses. He chronicles his poker playing and MMA journey in a blog that he’s been writing since 2011. Terrance’s dedication and commitment to being a fighter is apparent throughout his writing. I tip my hat to you, Sir. You are a true warrior at the poker table, as well as in the cage!

It’s pretty amazing what competitive athletes can do once they get laser focused on fighting. Idris and Terrence have both showed us that it’s possible to compete at the highest levels of combat, regardless of your “day job.” Well played gentleman, and I look forward to seeing you both compete in the very near future!

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