Amateur Submission of the Year winner Shawn Rall planning to go pro after IT Fight Series 71

Shawn Rall

Shawn Rall | photo by Katie Jay

After his bout this weekend at IT Fight Series 71, 2016 BluegrassMMA Amateur Submission of the Year winner Shawn Rall (5-5) is planning to turn pro in March.

Rall, who is set to take on Danny Moore (7-6) this weekend in Bellefontaine, Ohio, won the award for his omoplata over Nick Spinks at Caged Madness 42 last April.

“I work hard on my ground game [and I’m] improving everyday,” Rall told BluegrassMMA. “So that was me taking the open opportunity to submit my opponent and it so happened to be a nice omaplata. Many more subs to come.”

Rall has indeed improved vastly. After beginning his career 1-4, he’s 4-1 in his last five outings, with all four wins via stoppage. Three of those four wins have come via submission.

“Consistent hard work and dedication to learn from mistakes and improve daily,” is what Rall contributes the turnaround to. “And of course the right teammates to help me improve.”

Rall’s teammates include the many rising stars at Evolve MMA, including Jerrell Hodge, Devonte Smith, Jeff Hughes, and Josh Rohler. The gym has long been one of the best in the state, and Rall is the latest fighter to put on impressive performances out of the camp.

Despite being part of a deep roster at Evolve, Rall doesn’t plan to be ignored heading forward.

“I’m gonna start making my mark here in the pro MMA rankings real soon,” Rall said. “Because once I’m able to utilize my head kicks and knees it’s gonna be a entirely new level of skill I can reveal.”

Fans can follow Rall on Instagram at @4evarall.

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