Ohio Athletic Commission scraps same-day weigh-ins for pros – with a catch

Bernie Profato | photo by Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

Bernie Profato | photo by Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

After a six-month trial period for same-day weigh-ins for professional mixed martial arts fighters competing on pro/am events, the Ohio Athletic Commission has scrapped the program, BluegrassMMA has learned.

Now, pros competing on pro/am fight cards in the state will be permitted to weigh-in on the day before the event, but they will also have to do a second weigh-in on the day of the event. For fighters competing at 155 pounds or less, they’ll need to be within 8 pounds of their original weight, and fighters over 155 pounds will need to be within 13 pounds of their original weight. Heavyweights and super heavyweights will not be subjected to a re-weigh.

RFO promoter Matt Trukovich broke the news on his Facebook page. BluegrassMMA reached out to OAC executive director Bernie Profato and is waiting on an official response.

Ohio received much criticism for the rule change last year, especially because fighters competing on all-pro events – like UFC and Bellator – weren’t subject to the rule. In fact, fighters at UFC 203 in September were allowed to weigh in early on the day before the event, completing weigh-ins at 10am. Many fighters who compete on local shows weren’t happy about the double standard set by the OAC.

Others, including noted fight doctor Johnny Benjamin expressed concern with the short re-hydration period fighters would be subjected to.

The move was made in an attempt to prevent fighters from making drastic weight cuts for events, but the re-weigh may be a better option.

BluegrassMMA found that the same-day weigh-in rule did hurt the number of pro/am events in the state for the second half of the year. From Jan. 1-Jun.30, there were 12 pro/am events, with a total of 33 pro fights on those cards. From Jul. 1-Dec. 30, the number dropped to 9 pro/am events, with a total of 26 pro fights on those cards. The number in the second half of the year when the rule was implemented does not include UFC 203 in September, which was an all-pro event and not subject to the same-day weigh-in.

The new weigh-in rules are effective immediately. We’ll have more on this story after we hear from Profato.

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