BluegrassMMA unveils updated rankings system

BluegrassMMA Rankings – January 2017

At BluegrassMMA, we’ve tweaked our ranking system to better reflect the efforts of fighters in the Ohio Valley.

The only change to the ranking system is in the Quality of Competition category. After testing multiple changes, we’ve decided to change it to Strength of Record.

Strength of Record reflects a fighter’s overall quality of opponents. If you face an opponent with more wins than losses, your Strength of Record will go up. This is different from Quality of Competition in that QOC only measured the cumulative winning percentage of your last five opponents. For example, if your last 5 opponents were 5-0 or 100-0, the winning percentage would be 100%. You wouldn’t get extra credit for facing tougher competition with the 100-0 combined record.

One other key is that your Strength of Record can be negative, meaning it can hurt your overall score. If your last five opponents had a combined losing record, your SOR will be negative.

The SOR will account for 50% of the overall score. Your current winning percentage is still 40%, and finishing rate will still account for 10%.

All of the other criteria is the same:

Fighters must have a certain amount of wins in addition to a winning record to be considered.Amateur fighters must have at least 4 wins and Professional fighters must have 3 wins. Additionally, their opponents must have a combined total of 6 wins at the time of their fightbefore fighters become eligible.

Fighters must have at least one fight within the last 12 months in the Ohio Valley region. Fighters are no longer eligible to be ranked after they’ve been inactive for 12 months, either due to injuries, drug/conduct suspensions, or self-imposed hiatuses.

Fighters are placed in the weight division of their last fight. If the fight took place at a catchweight then the fighter will be moved into the next highest weight class. Fighters can be ranked in only one weight class at a given time.

Fighters who are signed to national organizations – UFC, Bellator, World Series of Fighting, One FC, etc. – are not eligible for our rankings once they fight in those organizations. However, they can become eligible again if they fight locally.

All stats are pulled from the official fighter database, If a fight is missing then it doesn’t count.

DISCLAIMER: BluegrassMMA Rankings are based on the aforementioned STATS. There are no opinions or favoritism involved in these rankings.

Without further ado, check out the latest BluegrassMMA Rankings here.

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