Returning Conor McGregor to Ireland – Mission Impossible?


Despite the travel to Ireland that the Ultimate Fighting Championship has made so as to host a function that will run for 3 consecutive years, returning the country’s signature could be a challenging task in the future. American sports betting MMA odds could be greatly influenced by such facts.

Conor McGregor, a native of Dublin and the current featherweight and lightweight champion attended the UFC Fight Night Belfast that was held on a Saturday in Belfast. He was busy cheering on both Charlie Ward and Artem Lobov who are SBG Ireland teammates at the SSE Arena where they were participating in bouts. Conor McGregor is just a week away from his incredible achievement of becoming the very 1st simultaneous 2-division champion in the entire history of Ultimate Fighting Championship and is a properly established main star in the promotion that is based in heavily based in Las Vegas.

Prior to Conor McGregor becoming the most anticipated 1st simultaneous 2-division champion in the entire history of Ultimate Fighting Championship, he led UFC’s journey to Ireland in the year 2014. That was the time Diego Brandao was stopped by him through a technical knockout in the first round in the Ultimate Fighting Championship Fight Night 46 headliner that was held in Dublin at the O2. It was a fight that made the spectators come alive in the most superb way in recent history. Unfortunately, it is unknown when Conor McGregor will grace his homeland with another bout.

The UFC vice president James Elliott, who also happens to be the managing director for Africa, Middle East and Europe said that they are diligently working through all the various possibilities that Conor McGregor has availability to. He went ahead to mention that there are several issues that are in progress and that it is a matter they have made open with regard to their desire to accomplish it. He acknowledged that the fighter has made tremendous progress and is therefore focused on getting it done as well.

Currently, Conor McGregor is not in any hurry to make his return to the famous Octagon. He already confirmed that he will not participate in any bout until the time that his girlfriend delivers their first child sometime in the month of May. In any case, due to the star power is currently enjoying, negotiations are bound to extend way beyond that point. This is because Conor McGregor has indicated that he will be after an ownership stake as a portion of a remodeled contract.

Just awhile back during a stadium show that was held at Dublin’s Croke Park where Conor McGregor featured was under discussion. However, a couple of logistical issues crippled the plans. Nonetheless, he could still be fighting in an array of venues. This was majorly influenced by the fact that he was slapped with a fine of $150,000 following his participation in an incident that was characterized by the throwing of water bottles prior to the UFC 202. Recently, he was spotted after at the UFC 205 that graced the lightweight title winning victory. These are celebrations that occurred to promote the New York City debut that has received a lot of hype. This makes any even that Conor McGregor will be in a blockbuster even indeed.

Elliot said that attempting to bring the fighter back to Dublin will be a feat in itself. However, he expressed confidence in getting it done in the long run.

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