‘Outside the Box’ goes behind the scenes of streaming a local MMA event at Caged Madness 43

Outside the Box

Outside the Box

Ever wanted to go behind the scenes to see what it’s like to film and stream a local mixed martial arts event?

Now the people at Boxcast and Bumble Media have put together a short video showing all of the pieces that go into putting on a show.

The two organizations teamed up to stream Caged Madness 43 earlier this month in Akron, Ohio, which was shown right here on BluegrassMMA courtesy of our friends at CageCaster.

Bumble Media Video Director Wade Clark takes you behind the scenes to show everything from being a cameraman on the cage, to how the production team sets up the internet connection.

“We definitely want the stream to go, and if it drops, I don’t get paid,” Clark said about the importance of an internet connection.

He also talked about other things such as announcers, and how the stream is actually sent to the internet.

Check out the short video below for a behind the scenes look.

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