Hulk Hogan – Born to be a Beast

On the 11th of August, 1953, the world ground to a halt and was suspended in time. For Terry Gene Boella would come crashing into the world on this momentous date in the echelons of history. Those of you unfamiliar with the name Terry Gene Boella might know the utter legend who would go on to become: a certain Hulk Hogan. Initially starting his life as a Little League Pitcher before having his fledgling career stopped due to slicing fellow 10 year olds’ bats in half with his sheer pitching velocity, he would go on to shred fretless bass guitars to smithereens for nearly a decade in his hometown of Florida.


But this was all nothing in comparison to when he first discovered the gym, where Hulk Hogan would find his calling for developing his already massive physique. He turned into a certified leviathan – an absolute monster of a man standing at 6ft 8 and weighing in at 322 pounds. His size and legendary status would obviously not go unnoticed for long, where famous trainer Hiro Matsuda decided to take him on, or rather Hulk Hogan decided to train him despite being an absolute novice. He would debut as an amateur in 1978, and would tear up the wrestling circuit for the nearly the next 40 years, destroying anyone that dared come his way. This included Andre The Giant, the Iron Sheik, Mr T, King King Bundy and latterly, The Rock, Triple H and The Undertaker amongst many other legends of the sport who were all turned into the pulp that seeps out of 2 week old bananas.


Hyperbole aside, Hulk Hogan is a true legend of the sport and in wider walks of life, where he can be easily recognized by his extra-large frame, long bleached white hair, handlebar moustache and tendency to rip his shirt off at any given opportunity. In addition to being a wrestler he has also acted in several movies including ‘Suburban Commando’, ‘Rocky III’, ‘Mr. Nanny’, ‘No Holds Barred’, ‘Spy Hard’, and ‘Santa with Muscles’. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2005, and remains one of the most instantly recognisable men on the planet.


Today, Hulk Hogan is one of the best motivational and celebrity speakers on the planet with his Hulk Hogan booking agent MN2S. He resonates strength in his brave and bold character, but is at heart a big softy who contributes to a wide variety of charitable causes. When you look at Hulk Hogan, you are essentially looking (up) at a man (demigod) who is angered by the fact that there are T-shirts that exist with material that can withstand getting pulled apart. You also look at a man who is at his core one hell of a nice person, and has a huge fan army called ‘Hulkamaniacs’. He would not have this loyal following if he was just an huge wrestler. He is respected by kids and adults and he knows that without his fans, he would not be as big of a cult icon as he now is.

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