UFC 197 Preview: Cormier vs. Jones

DC vs Jones

Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones are on a collision course again at UFC 197 in April and it seems that this will be the fight that will be a decisive one for Cormier’s future

April 23 is the day when Cormier and Jones will have a rematch after last year in January Cormier lost to Jones with a unanimous decision in the fifth round at UFC 182 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas. This time they will headline the UFC 197 on April 23. The fans have reacted very positive to Jones and have called him the “Unstoppable”, to which Cormier seems very much upset. Bookies have given Jones the odds of -315, while Cormier has +245 (click here for more information).

Cormier seems to be irked by the fact that Jones seems very cool and calm ahead of the fight and has been acting quite the opposite of Jones. He has been rattled by the fact that some fans in attendance of their press conference booed him to which he responded with a question why the fans were booing him when Jones is the one with documented issues outside of the cage. This only generated even more boos.

According to Rockhold this is because Cormier has insisted on Jon Jones being the bad guy too many times, so this time he let the boos get to him. Rockhold suggests that Cormier should stop caring whether the fans like Jones or him. He simply lost track in trying to win the fight out of the cage.

Talking about the inside of the cage, Cormier should really focus on his technique because he is about to face a man who many UFC fans believe is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world. Cormier’s loss in January 2015 was no doubt thanks to Jones working his way to a decision win. What’s even worse for Cormier and what many suggest is that if he doesn’t win this time he might be forced to bring a decision to quit UFC.

Cormier can definitely defeat Jones, because he is a lot different this time than last year in terms of mental preparedness. He knows that he has to win this fight because if he doesn’t it’s all over for him, which is why he has been trying to get an edge outside the cage too. And, even though Jones is considered favorite Cormier has a strong chance of winning against Jon Jones on April 23. Following his victories against Alexander Gustafsson and Anthony Johnson last year we have seen a totally different Cormier, a fighter that could very well have his revenge.

Even though Jones has an impressive 21-1 record, he too has admitted that a motivated Cormier could beat him at UFC 197, which is why he is heavily focused on preparing for his comeback fight so that he could prevent that from happening. Jones has said about himself that he is at the highest a UFC fighter can be and knows that nevertheless Cormier is a capable guy of defeating him.

But, according to Rashad Evans if Cormier loses again he will have no choice but to retire. He points out that Cormier’s age will make him irrelevant after a loss and he will not be able to move up to the heavyweight division, where he didn’t taste defeat. What could he do after a second loss, face Jones for the third time? He doesn’t think that a fighter at his age can have that much of a desire to be the best again. Be sure to watch the odds move at Paddy Power.

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