Miesha Tate Starts a New Feud With Ronda Rousey


There is a possibility for a rematch to come about between Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate. Rousey has defeated Tate in the past so this could influence online MMA predictions but at the same time Tate has some momentum in her recent title victory over Holly Holm. To make things even more interesting, Tate is using Rousey’s words against her.


Tate recently won the UFC women’s bantamweight title after defeating Holm and wants a third match with Rousey. Tate questioned whether or not Rousey really had a will to live and suggested that Rousey is more interested in starting a family with her husband Travis Browne.


Rousey is expected to return to the octagon in November. Tate says that she has more energy and could take her on right now though.


Rousey talked on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show recently about how depressed and suicidal she was right after losing to Holm. However, Rousey realized that she needs to stay alive to win and have Browne’s children.


Rousey did not actually watch the recent Tate-Holm fight but did learn from UFC president Dana White about the result. Rousey said to him that she really wants to get back into the picture.


The rivalry between the two started years ago when Rousey challenged Tate in 2011 for her Strikeforce title, stating that she was bored by her fighting. Tate then argued that Rousey was not prepared in the least for a fight. This led to an open feud between the two. This led to a first round submission victory by Rousey in their first fight in early 2012.


The next year they fought again at UFC 168. Rousey won with a second round submission. Rousey did not bother to shake Tate’s hand after the fight.


Tate made a big comeback recently after beating Holm with a rear naked choke submission late in the last round of their fight at UFC 196. This victory could propel Rousey back into the picture but right now Rousey is currently working on two film projects. Neither film has starting shooting though, thus leading to the potential for Rousey to come back soon for UFC 200 in July.


Tate has been craving a big rematch for a while. This especially comes after the promise of her fighting Rousey after defeating Jessica Eye was broken as Holm was used as Rousey’s next opponent instead. Tate had been angry over the lost fight opportunity but this led to her training even more to defeat Holm.


It is clear that the newest victory for Miesha Tate will lead to a third match with Ronda Rousey. It is unclear as to when that fight will take place but it will certainly make for a thrilling event worth watching. Tate is believed to be a very dangerous fighter and she has all the momentum in the world at this point but there is still a real chance for Rousey to make a big comeback and show the world what made her famous. MMA online predictions for the fight will certainly be interesting to see.



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