A Rookie Mistake Mixed in a Wild and Chaotic Closing Third Round between Silva and Bisping


Michael Bisping

Last month, British MMA fighter Michael Bisping got a controversial decision victory over Anderson Silva in front of his home crowd at the O2Arena in London. The win gave Bisping his fourth victory in his last five fights, improving his online MMA betting odds of challenging for the title.


In the third round of the February 27 main event, Bisping took a flying knee to the face from Silva. The knee to the face dazed Bisping and Silva began to celebrate prematurely but since referee Herb Dean never stopped the fight, the fighters had to continue going.


The fight eventually went the full five rounds. After the fight, Bisping was declared the winner by unanimous decision, bringing an end to one of the best fights of the year.


After the fight, Bisping said he was unhappy that referee Herb Dean didn’t call a timeout when he lost his mouth piece, which distracted him long enough for Anderson Silva to score a knockdown with the flying knee.


Now that he’s had some time to reflect on the biggest win of his career, Bisping clarified the comments he made after the fight.


This time around, Bisping accepted responsibility for looking away when he was pleading for the timeout, calling it a rookie mistake. Bisping also said he had watched the fight twice and gave his side of the story.


“I’m not sure if it was a punch or whatever it was, my mouthpiece went flying,” Bisping said. “Of course, this was a well-discussed matter. Was I at fault or was the referee at fault. I know there has to be a break in the action, but it’s how do you define a break in the action. For my part, I was backing off, Anderson was coming after me. There were no blows being exchanged,” he said.


However, Bisping admitted it was his fault for taking his eyes off his opponent. During the interview, he said that he wasn’t angry at either Dean or Silva because he should have known better and protected himself instead of waiting for Dean to call a timeout.


Despite not being angry at Silva or Dean, Bisping said he believes that Silva celebrating when he thought he had won the fight was a ploy to try and sway the referees. He compared Silva’s antics to those of fighters that raise their arms after fights even though they know they lost the fight.


Bisping admitted he was knocked down, but he was never out. He also gave Herb Dean credit for not stopping the fight prematurely. Bisping said Silva was trying to steal the fight with his celebration because he knew Bisping wasn’t knocked out and was hoping the referee would stop the fight. According to Bisping, he was talking to Herb Dean and assuring him he was alright while Silva was celebrating in the Octagon.


As an observer that saw the fight live, Herb Dean would have stopped the fight and declared Silva the winner if he had thrown a few punches after he knocked Bisping down but since he didn’t and Bisping seemed to have recovered while Silva was busy celebrating, Dean ruled that the fight wasn’t over because he never stopped it.


Bisping showed a lot of heart by continuing to fight especially after he was dazed by the knee. He also withstood a flurry of punches and kicks from Silva late in the 5th round before being declared the winner.


After the big victory over Silva, Bisping will be looking for a title shot. With the middleweight division as competitive as it has ever been, he might need another big victory before Dana White finally grants him his wish.

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