The 2013 BluegrassMMA award goes to…

BluegrassMMA 2013 Awards

BluegrassMMA 2013 Awards

We had an overwhelming response to this year’s BluegrassMMA awards. Since the polls opened up on January 2nd we have recorded over 7,500 votes. When we asked you, the fans, to vote we did not anticipate such a large turnout.

2013 was a great year for MMA in the Ohio Valley region, many fighters made their debut and even more put on great performances for us to watch. It wasn’t easy narrowing down the nominees but we felt we had good representation of what we witnessed in 2013.

Now we get a chance to see who you thought was the most deserving fighter to win. The award goes to…

Rookie of the Year – Male Professional
1.) Dominic Mazzotta
2.) Alfred Leisure
3.) Austin Tweedy
4.) Anthony Morgan
5.) Francis Healy
6.) Dustin Long
7.) Muhammad Abdullah
8.) Charles Stanford
9.) Portland Pringle
10.) Nathan Maness

Fighter of the Year – Male Professional
1.) Dominic Mazzotta
2.) Mark Cherico
3.) Adam Townsend
4.) Joe Pegg
5.) Muhammad Abdullah
6.) Charles Stanford
7.) Chris Dunn
8.) Shaun Asher
9.) Justin Woods
10.) Brady Hovermale

Breakout Fighter of the Year – Male Professional
1.) Cody Garbrandt
2.) Luke Zachrich
3.) Khama Worthy
4.) Dom Steele
5.) Dan Spohn
6.) Rober White
7.) Andrew Law
8.) Todd Bevan
9.) James Porter
10.) Rocky Edwards

Fight of the Year – Male Professional
1.) Josh Stanbury vs John Hawk
2.) Khama Worthy vs Reggie Merriweather
3.) Cody Stevens vs Dustin Neace
4.) Adam Townsend vs Chris Coggins
5.) Raymond Yanez vs D’Angelo Bynum
6.) Forrest Petz vs Chris Curtis
7.) Joe Heiland vs Augusta Tindall
8.) Julio Gallegos vs John Troyer
9.) Reggie Merriweather vs Anthony Smith
10.) Bryan Goldsby vs Isaiah Chapman

Knockout of the Year – Male Professional
1.) Dominic Mazzotta over Jeremiah Yeager
2.) Cody Barbrandt over Shane Manley
3.) Alfred Leisure over Raymond Yanez
4.) Josh Ferguson over Tyler Voth
5.) BJ Ferguson over Charles Stanford
5.) Tim Dunn over James Dishong
5.) Travis Clark over Dominique Steele
5.) Rocky Edwards over Mike Bogner
9.) Lloyd Carter over Brandon Clawson
9.) Torrance Taylor over Terry Blackwell

Submission of the Year – Male Professional
1.) Luke Zachrich over Justin Gamble
2.) Anthony Morgan over Cameron Ross
3.) Dan Spohn over Aaron Mays
4.) Isaiah Ferguson over Derik Byrd
5.) Stephen Singleton over William Scoby
6.) Frank Caraballo over Tony Hervey
7.) James Porter over Joshua Killion
8.) Nathan Maness over Jason Blackford
9.) Maxsim Grishin over Raymond Lopez
10.) Nick Kraus over Mathew Cooper

Rookie of the Year – Female Amateur
1.) Melissa Gasdick
2.) Mary Kate Hayes
3.) Anna Abrams
4.) Jayde Sheely
5.) Allison Ainley
5.) Katie Vanderhoff
7.) Areil Duncan
7.) Brianna Eberhardt
9.) Taryn Conkin
10.) Raquel Brown

Fighter of the Year – Female Amateur
1.) Gina Begley
2.) Amberlynn Orr
3.) Katlyn Chookagian
4.) Jessica Zomcik
5.) Vanessa Demopoulos
6.) Mary Kate Hayes
7.) Alyssa Vasquez
8.) Hannah Rogers
9.) Amy Coleman
10.) Jamie Milanowski

Fight of the Year – Female Amateur
1.) Melissa Gasdick vs Courtney Kern
2.) Amberlynn Orr vs Jamie Milanowski
3.) Katlyn Chookagian vs Vanessa Demopoulos
4.) Jessica Zomcik vs Jena Baldwin
5.) Vanessa Demopoulos vs. Brittany Williams
6.) Shanna Young vs Molly Dupertuis
7.) Hannah Fitzpatrick vs. Hannah Rogers
8.) Amy Coleman vs Shanna Young
9.) Hannah Fitzpatrick vs. Amanda Rose Wyatt
10.) Brianna Eberbardt vs Cassandra Walker

Rookie of the Year – Male Amateur
1.) Eric Puehler
2.) Matt Dunahay
3.) Marc McDonald
4.) Jamal MoHammed
5.) Antwan Phillips
6.) Sean Highfill
7.) Tobiaus Taylor
8.) David Rankin
9.) Jesus Pacheco
10.) Charlie Pickelheimer

Fighter of the Year – Male Amateur
1.) Cody Gabelman
2.) Nick Browne
3.) Justen Dowsett
4.) AJ Dobson
5.) Evan Samad
6.) Jesseray Childrey
7.) Sean Fallon
8.) Marc McDonald
9.) Antawn Phillips
9.) Jeff Mack

Breakout Fighter of the Year – Male Amateur
1.) Adam Fritz
2.) Brandon Hurst
3.) Cameron VanCamp
4.) David Crowe
5.) Dustin Parrish
6.) Josh Krizan
7.) Matthew Foley
8.) Lloyd Thornton
9.) Jameson Sharp
10.) Shawn Nickell

Fight of the Year – Male Amateur
1.) Jesseray Childrey vs. Harry Hunsucker
2.) Evan Samad vs Marc McDonald
3.) Sean Fallon vs Dustin Parrish
4.) Corey Dulaney vs Robert McPherson
5.) Dusty Stengel vs. Rob Covington
6.) Darnell Pettis vs Jake Hedrick
7.) Cameron Cain vs Cody Gabelman
8.) Curt Lemmon vs Branko Busick
9.) Mike Nave vs Steven Marbley-El
10.) Marc McDonald vs Bryan Jansen

Knockout of the Year – Male Amateur
1.) Lance Phillips over Anthony Santiago
2.) Ben Sergent over Jacob Collins
3.) Kendale Young over Brandon Grimmett
4.) Ivan Rodriguez over Zachary Edington
5.) JT Miller over Cody Tominack
6.) Donny Korbel over Nathan Witkin
7.) James Pfeffier over Brian Haubiel
8.) Brian Kerr over Chad Sermon
9.) Shane Edwards over Daniel Baldridge
10.) Dylan Farris over Brad Hutcheison

Submission of the Year – Male Amateur
1.) Vladimir Kazbekov over Nick Bertke
2.) AJ Dobson over Dustin Wolf
3.) Blayne Hodges over Renaldo Weekley
4.) Jamal Mohammed over Bo Preece
5.) Davey Crockett over Victor Guarrielo
6.) Chris McKinney over Jordan Schembri
7.) Natahn Maness over Noel Rodriquez
8.) Steve Bell over Sean Lloyd
9.) Nick Gehrts def Ryan Thompson
10.) Caleb Keretsew and Tucker Harlow

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