Change of venue for AAMMA 34: Proving Ground 2

AAMMA 32 - Proving Ground 2

AAMMA 34 – Proving Ground 2

News just broke today that Midwest Sports Complex which was the venue for the upcoming AAMMA 34 show has closed their doors. This was devastating news for the promotion as it would be for any promotion. Even more so is they timing of it as they are exactly two weeks out from their event.

Officials with the organization worked hard over the past 48 hours to secure a new venue for the show. They were able to do so locking in a deal with Williamstown High School located in Williamston, Kentucky. According to Google Maps the new venue is located just under 30 minutes south of Midwest Sports Complex.

According to the report which broke on Cage Passion Media no fights have been cancelled due to the venue change. The event is without a doubt one of, if not, the biggest events in the 3 year history of AAMMA. The card is still set for August 10th with over 20 fights slated to take place.

Although the venue change was unexpected one good thing has come out of this. That being the venue is larger in size opening up more room for additional seating. A limited amount of tickets have been made available for purchase. For more information regarding this event and ticket information head over to the event Facebook page.

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