Hard Rock MMA 41


Kicking off a huge month of November is Hard Rock MMA 41 coming to you live this Saturday from the Eagle Lake Convention Center in Lawrenceburg, KY. A monster card has been assembled by one of the best in the business. Brandon “Hardrock” Higdon has fighters coming from all over the state to show off some great MMA talent. Three big amateur title fights are lined up with the Welterweight, Bantamweight and Light Heavyweight Title to be decided. Team Bluegrass MMA sponsored and Reaction MMA fighter Matt Metts makes his professional debut against Erik “The Wolverine” Florez. Tyrelle Olding from Georgetown MMA looks to secure his first professional win of his career against a winless Kwinn Davis. Doors open at 6:30 PM and fights begin at 7:30PM. Tickets available at http://www.hardrockfight.com. Here is a look at the card as of right now. (Subject to change)





  • David Ward(Team Superior)(4-7) vs Dustin Watkins(Iron Cobra)(1-1) Robert Montgomery(Performance Edge)(1-0) vs Andre Rodriguez(Rodriguez Brothers MMA)(0-3)
  • Zachary Pemberton(Underground MMA)(0-0) vs Kenny Adams(Somerset Karate Academy)(1-2)
  •  Ron Sanders(Victory MMA)(0-0) vs Kirk Moore(Bronx Hill MMA)(1-1)
  • Mark Coleman(Performance Edge)(0-1) vs Isiac Franks(Fist of Faith MMA)(0-1)
  • Cerel Holt(Underground MMA)(0-1) vs Jon Viscuso(0-1)
  • Michael Ricketts(Bronx Hill MMA)(3-3) vs Stephen Kimbrell(Reaction MMA)(1-0)
  •  Quinton Parks(Georgetown MMA)(4-6) vs Jacob Byrd(Team Transition)(4-5)
  •  Mark Steven Stultz(Underground MMA)(2-0) vs Tony Bryant(Outkast MMA)(2-0)
  •  John Macioce(Team Zombie)(1-0) vs Josh Krizan(Team Transition)(2-0)
  •  BJ Robinson(Team Zombie)(3-1) vs Brian Kerr(Columbia MMA)(5-9)
  •  John Mahr(4 Seasons)(3-0) vs Matt Quinn(Outkast MMA)(1-0)
  •  Josh Walker(Fist of Faith MMA)(6-3)(champ) vs Kelly Pennington(4 Seasons)(3-0) For the Hardrock MMA Light Heavyweight Title
  •  Derik Byrd(Team Transition)(7-6)(champ) vs James Douglas(4 Seasons)(8-4) For the Hardrock MMA Bantamweight Title
  •  Micheal Seals(4 Seasons)(6-0)(champ) vs Eric Jarvis(Unica MMA/SVT) (5-2) For the Hardrock MMA Welterweight Title
  •  Tyrelle Olding(Georgetown MMA)(0-5) vs Kwinn Davis(Disciple MMA)(0-4) Professional Featherweight Fight
  •   Erik “the Wolverine” Florez vs Matt Metts(Reaction MMA)(pro debut) Professional Lightweight Fight

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