Gladiator Fighting Championship- Event Results

Fight 1
Brian May Defeats Ricky Conley 1:58  Round 1 – Triangle Choke
Fight 2
Mark Jones Defeats David Crowe 1:03 Round 1 TKO (strikes) 
Jones is now the Gladiator Lightweight Champion
Fight 3
Jonathan Haynes defeats Derrick Combs 00:27 Round 2 – Guillotine 
Fight 4
Derrick Willams Vs Steven Puckett -NC (Puckett suspended until divorced) 

Fight 5
Allen Hicks defeats Glennis Gayhart  Split Decision
Fight 6
Joshua Carroll defeats Juan Cortes 1:40 Round 3 – Cortes disqualified after kneeing Carroll in the head while down

Fight 7
Brandon Mullins defeats Justin Smith 2:14 Round 1 – TKO (strikes)
Fight 8
Wess Hanson defeats Dustin Elam   00:56 Round 1 TKO (strikes)
Hanson defends his Gladiator Featherweight Championship
Fight 9
Gary Jordan defeats Travis Wethington 00:48 Round 1 Verbal submission to strikes
Fight 10
Jerel Dickinson defeats John Shellhammer 00:40 Rd 2 TKO (strikes) 
Fight 11
Michael Cockerham defeats Sean Beller – Split Decision

Fight 12 – Professional
Adam Mays defeats Chancellor Edmonson via Submission Round 1

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