Nick Diaz vs Georges St. Pierre

Dave In The Blog:   Nick Diaz wants to fight GSP? Interesting. Nick has been up to it again calling out GSP.
Nick Diaz: “People think GSP is better than me and it’s BS”

Nick Diaz: “I want to fight Georges St. Pierre, but I think my partner [Jake Shields] is going to take him out”
I could see this being a good matchup, but I think Mr. Diaz is probably blowing smoke seeing how he isnt even in the UFC anymore and just trying to draw some attention to his self in talking about Mr. GSP. Which is all good. But any way you look at it, it would be a good matchup seeing how GSP would be able to say I have beat Nick Diaz. And as far as Jake Shields taking Rush out I hope he doesnt get winded in the first rd. like in his last match or GSP will punish him bad…Dave

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