Bryan Goldsby withdraws from fight; Luis Guerra steps in

Luis Guerra In For Bryan Goldsby

Luis Guerra In For Bryan Goldsby

With a little over two weeks to go before Bryan Goldsby (18-14) was to step in the cage, he alerts the promotion that he has to withdraw. Goldsby was scheduled to headline the upcoming Pinnacle Fighting Championship 8 event on July 12.

Due to a conflict with his schedule he will no longer be competing against Mark “The Pride of Bloomfield” Cherico (6-0). Matt Leyshock of broke the news yesterday of the situation saying the following “I don’t know maybe try being honest, I know I know, sounds crazy but give it a shot you never know what might happen.

According to the report, Goldsby had a prior engagement that must have slipped his mind before agreeing to fight Cherico. If what is being communicated by Goldsby is, in fact, true, which we don’t see why it wouldn’t be, more power to him for taking his future seriously.

He is a veteran of 32 professional fights. The Cincinnati, Ohio native has indeed put his time into the sport. Coming off a decision loss in his most recent outing at TitanFC, the Team JG fighter has competed around the country including four fights under the Bellator banner.

However, if what Leyshock revealed turns out to be true then shame on Goldsby and any fighter who has done something similar in the past. We have not reached out to the Goldsby’s camp to confirm this, nor do we feel the need to as the promotion has already found a replacement.

Stepping up to the plate is Luis Guerra (4-1), comes into this fight against Cherico fresh off a victory last month. For those of you unfamiliar with Guerra, he is a resilient fighter that hails from the capital city of Indianapolis, Indiana. Earlier this year Guerra suffered great loss when a fire took the lives of six family members.

He will make the long haul to Pittsburgh, leaving his state behind for the first time as a professional fighter. He took to his Facebook page to let everyone know that he was presented with this great opportunity to compete for Pinnacle against Cherico for his featherweight title. “I will be victorious!! announced Guerra.

This fight is a huge opportunity for Guerra that he will take full advantage of as he enters the cage on July 12. For Cherico, he will once again face strong competition as he looks to keep his record unblemished in his seventh professional fight. Regardless of who you want to win, expect a great fight from these two warriors.

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