OFC returns to Columbus, Ohio next week with March Massacre II

OFC 20: March Massacre II

OFC 20: March Massacre II

The Ohio Fighting Championship (OFC) returns to the Courtyard on March 8 in Columbus, Ohio. March Massacre II as the event is called will be the second rendition of the show that began last year. This all-amateur card currently has over 15 fights scheduled. The promotion is quietly becoming one of the best promotions in the state.

Included on the card so far is Aaron Jeffery, Aaron Bush, Bryan Howe and Tyler Bostick to name a few. The event is quickly shaping up to be one of the best cards in the Columbus area this year. The organization has underwent some changes behind the scenes recently. This will be the first event with the changes in effect; so far things look promising. With a renewed focus on cultivating the next crop of amateurs, a lot of newcomers are being showcased.

Over the course of the next week we will take a deeper look at the card and marquee match-ups. Below are some of the fights tentatively scheduled for OFC 20: March Massacre II:

  • Tyler Bostick vs Aaron Bush
  • Aaron Jeffery vs Bryan Howe
  • Jake Wheaton vs Brandon Loring
  • Brad Miller vs James Taylor
  • Matt Matlock vs William Sharp
  • David Stockton vs Tavon Hudson
  • Jessie Iaquinta vs Terrel Crawford
  • Brandon Larkin vs Robbie Fortune Jr.

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