Turf Wars 8 – Play-by-play

Turf Wars 8
Florence, Kentucky – Team BluegrassMMA is on hand here at Turfway Park in Florence, Kentucky for our second night of action packed fights. We have two tournaments taken place tonight in the bantamweight and lightweight divisions.

In the main event of the evening it features two undefeated professional fighters battling for the Turf Wars middleweight title. Current Spartan light-heavyweight champion Shaun Asher (4-0) will be taking on Doug Sparks (4-0).

In the co-main event of the evening it will feature the tournament finales between the bantamweights and the lightweights.

Be sure to follow along for all of the tonight’s action here at Turf Wars.

Fight 1
Brandon Jackson (1-0) vs Lester Cole (4-3) – Lightweight
Round 1
Lester is the first to strike with a leg kick. They come in for a nice exchange and it looks like Brandon got the better of the exchange. Brandon shoots in for a high takedown and is successful in the attempt. They’re not on the ground for long as Lester is able to get back up to his feet. Lester comes forward pressuring Brandon and he gets a takedown of his own. On the way down to the ground, Brandon is able to sink in a guillotine choke from the bottom position. It’s not too tight as Lester is able to get out after a few moments. Brandon tries to sweep from underneath and gets to his knees but not for long as he gives up his back to Lester. Lester has a rear-naked choke in place but Brandon has his chin down so it’s not in tight. Brandon wiggles his way out of the choke and gets to his feet. Brandon jumps down for a flying overhand right that lands clean. Lester looks dazed, he might be out. Lester recovers grabs Brandon down but the bell sounds ending the round.

Winner: Brandon Jackson via TKO (unable to answer the bell) 03:00 into Round 1
*Brandon advances in the lightweight tournament

Fight 2
Benjamin Cox (4-3) vs Colt McGinnis (2-0) – Lightweight
Round 1
Colt comes forward with a front kick but slips on the canvas falling to his back; Ben jumps on the opportunity and gets full-mount position almost immediately. Ben looks in a leg triangle choke and is able to maintain the full-mount position. Ben lands some shots and turns over pulling on the arm to extend it from the leg triangle to the arm bar. Ben cranks back and turns the arm forcing Colt to tap.

Winner: Benjamin Cox via Submission (armbar) 01:08 into Round 1
*Benjamin advances in the lightweight tournament

Fight 3
Donnie Ballou (5-4) vs Raymond Gillies (1-2) – Bantamweight
Round 1

Donnie comes with a jab and follows it up with a shoot but it was from a far distance. Donnie was able to grab the ankle of Ray allowing him to complete the takedown. Donnie is on top in full-guard; Raymond is able to swing his leg over the shoulder for a leg triangle but Donnie realizes it and postures up to get out. Ray hips out to try and get to his feet but Donnie continues to pressure Ray to keep him down on the ground. Donnie gets to his feet hits Ray with a hammerfist and jumps down to side-control and then hops over to full-mount position. Ray again tries to get to his knees allow Donnie to get a rear-naked choke in but it’s very loose and Ray gets out. Donnie lands some clean open shots to the face of Ray as he was trying to turn over and give up his back. Ray comes back to defend but not for long as he turns over giving up his back this time. Donnie is relentless at this point reigning down some heavy shots and at this point the ref steps to call the fight as he sees Ray tapping out from the strikes.

Winner: Donnie Ballou via Submission (due to strikes) 02:52 into Round 1
*Donnie advances in the bantamweight tournament

Fight 4
Jerrick Boykin (3-2) vs Nick Pegg (4-0) – Bantamweight
Round 1
Nick takes center control; Jerrick is the first to strike with two back-to-back kicks one going low and the other high. Jerrick shoots in and scores the takedown but Nick is able to use the cage to get back to his feet almost immediately. Jerrick is the cage too, still holding Nick and jumps off of it to get him back down to the ground. While on top of him Jerrick lands a very heavy shot to the face of Nick that forces him to release Jerrick and cover up. Jerrick jumps out of full-guard and grabs the neck of Nick and falls back with it to secure it into place. Jerrick cranks real hard on the neck, it looks very deep. Jerrick cranks the neck once more forcing him to tapout.

Winner: Jerrick Boykin via Submission (guillotine choke) 01:07 into Round 1
*Jerrick advances in the bantamweight tournament

Fight 5
Jesse Lawson (0-0) vs Sean Figley (1-0) – Middleweight
Round 1
Sean comes forward pressuring Jesse; Jesse counters with a leg kick to get some distance. Sean looks for a takedown but it is stuffed and Jesse is able to hold on to Sean and hip-toss him down to the ground. Jesse is on top in full-mount position. Jesse isn’t doing much in this dominate position while Sean keeps bucking trying to get up from the bottom. Jesse finally lands some shots from the top making Sean try to turnover to avoid the shots giving up his neck up in the process. Jesse grabs his neck and locks in a arm-triangle choke from the full-mount position jumps over to side-control and cranks real hard making Sean tapout.

Winner: Jesse Lawson via Submission (arm-triangle) 01:32 into Round 1

Fight 6
Kyle Gulley (0-0) vs Jeremie Elkins (5-5) – Heavyweight
Round 1
Kyle comes in with a nice thunderous kick to the thigh and follows it up with a knee to the gut. Kyle is pressuring Jeremie tripping him up in the process and able to get him down to the ground. Kyle is on top in the side-control working to get his leg over to get full-mount. I was unable to see from my position but Kyle was actually working on a forearm choke and got it after Jeremie tapped out.

Winner: Kyle Gulley via Submission (forearm choke) 01:27 into Round 1

Fight 7
Donnie Ballou (6-4) vs Jerrick Boykin (4-2) – Bantamweight Tournament Finale
*Fight scratched* We got word that Donnie broke his hand in the first fight of the evening so he is unable to participate in the finale. Jerrick, by default, is the winner of the Bantamweight Tournament.

Fight 8
Benjamin Cox (5-3) vs Brandon Jackson (2-0)
Round 1
Brandon comes out takes center comes forward with a body kick. Ben steps forward while Brandon was coming in with a front kick. Ben catches the leg but Brandon sweeps Ben to get the takedown. Brandon is on top hovering over Ben landing some heavy clean shots. Ben is able to grab one of the arms of Brandon and ties to go for a arm-triangle but Brandon picks Ben up and slams him down to the ground. Brandon jumps on Ben but in the process Ben is able to pick the ankle of Brandon and goes for a heel hook. Brandon rolls out of it allowing Ben to get to his feet and take Brandon down to the ground. Ben is transitioning nice and gets the back of Brandon and locks in a rear-naked choke. Brandon is staying active in the choke maneuvering trying to wiggle his way out of it and he does. Ben is looking for something but is unable too; the bell sounds ending the round.
Round 1: Brandon 10-9

Round 2
Ben goes for a head kick but Brandon is able to back out of it. Ben comes forward with a kick/punch combo and follows it up with a leg sweep. As they are following Brandon using the momentum is able to roll and land up on top in the full-guard position. Brandon is standing hovering over Ben landing some clean shots to the face of Ben. Ben is trying to grab the legs of Brandon to pull him down to the ground which is leaving his face wide open for Brandon to attack. Brandon stops punching to gain his balance but it’s too late as Ben is able to ankle pick him and get him down to the ground for another heel hook attempt. Ben lets go of the heel hook and jumps to his feet to get the back of Brandon where he is able to sink in a rear-naked choke. Ben starts to squeeze the choke. Brandon taps.

Winner: Benjamin Cox via Submission (rear-naked choke) 02:44 into Round 2
*Benjamin Cox wins the lightweight tournament*

Fight 9
Shaun Asher (4-0) vs Doug Sparks (4-0) – Professional Middleweight
Round 1
Doug pops out a jab to start things out, pops another. Shaun shots in for the takedown and picks Doug up carries him to his corner and slams him down. Shaun quickly transitions to full-mount but Doug immediately gets full-guard back again. Shaun throws a couple of shots to the ribs to the left and right side. Shaun pops an elbow to the face but it didn’t look like it hit all the way. Doug is doing a good job from the bottom holding Shaun from doing much work. Ref warns them to advance. Shaun stands to his feet still in the guard hovering over Doug; lands a couple of heavy shots and falls down to half-guard. Doug quickly works to regain full-guard though. Shaun is postured up, stands to his feet hits Doug and drops into half-guard. Doug transitions though to butterfly guard. Doug is able to lock in a deep heel hook; Shaun begins to roll to get out of it. Shaun is out but briefly as Doug locks the heel hook back into place. Shaun pushes off the butt of Doug and is able to escape from the hold and both fighters get back to their feet. They instantly clinch up against the cage. A few seconds later the bell sounds ending the round.
Round 1: Shaun 10-9

Round 2
Doug again pops out a pair of jabs that Shaun is able to deflect. Doug rushes forward on Shaun not sure if he was attempting a takedown of not but Shaun stuffed it. Using the momentum of Doug, Shaun was able to leg trip Doug and get him down to the ground. They’re in the center of the cage with Shaun on top in full-guard position. Doug is able to get to butterfly guard pulls the head of Shaun to get to a sitting position. Shaun pushes forward to get Doug back to his back. Shaun stands up, Doug still on his back, hits him with a few kicks. Shaun walks forward holding the legs of Doug drops down to half-guard and hands a few nice shots. Doug again is able to get a heel hook on but not for long as Shaun is able to stand up and get out. As Doug goes to stand up he is able to grab Shaun and get him on the ground. They’re not rolling, flipping top position. Great transitions from both fighters; they eventually get back to their feet but clinched up as they stand. They’re up against the cage with Shaun on the outside, both utilizing some dirty boxing. Shaun picks up Doug and slams him down to the ground. Shaun is on top hovering over Doug in half-guard, lands a clean shot. Doug regains composure and gets Shaun back to full-guard. The bell sounds ending the round.
Round 2: Shaun 10-9

Round 3
Doug throws a kick that went low, to the groin. Shaun is down. Ref calls time. Shaun gets five minutes to recover. Shaun is ready to continue. The fight resumes. Doug throws an outside kick this time that connects. They bounce in for a quick exchange then back out. Doug comes in for a combo but Shaun ducks and misses all the punches. Shaun shoots in for the takedown but Doug is able to stop it. Shaun stays committed to the attempt and eveutnally ankle picks Doug to get him down to his knees. Shaun still working on getting Doug down. Shaun throws some knees to the backside thigh of Doug. Shaun finally gets Doug to the ground but Doug is on all fours. Doug flips trying to pull guard. Shaun backs out stands up and starts throwing some kicks to the downed Doug. Shaun jumps in with a flying punch lands it and gets right back up. Shaun is landing some heavy kicks to the thigh of Doug. The thigh is now turning bright red. The ref tells the fighters to advance so Shaun jumps down into guard. Doug is able to attempt a triangle but Shaun rolls out of it. They’re on the ground now, Doug again attempts a triangle but Shaun powers his way out of it. The fighters are just rolling on the ground Doug not doing much of anything from the ground; Shaun lands a shot here and there. They both get back to their feet, we here the ten second bell and Shaun shoots again and scores a lost second takedown. The bell sounds.
Round 3: Shaun 10-9

Winner: Shaun Asher via Unanimous Decision (Judge 1 30-27, Judge 2 30-27, Judge 3 30-27)

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