Interview: Bellator Lightweight Brent Weedman

Bluegrass MMA caught up with Brent Weedman on the eve of his Bellator Season 6 finals fight against  Rick Hawn. The winner gets $100,000 and a shot at the current champ Mike Chandler. Weedman is a Louisville native and trains locally. Earlier this season Weedman pulled off the always impressive Von Flue choke to get the victory over J.J. Ambrose and fought Thiago Michel  to a much earned unanimous decision win.

Check out Brent’s very original answers to some common questions and get the full interview after the break.

Your back in the cage tomorrow night for the Lightweight Final, how has your training camp been so far?

Brent: “It’s been a long 5 months of training! The tournament format is grueling, but I’m feeling strong.”

Have you done anything different this time around or incorporated anything extra in this training camp?

Brent: “Other than the strategy changes for the new opponent, the basic format has stayed the same.”

What do you know about your opponent Rick Hawn and what is your impression of what he will try to do in this fight?

Brent: “He’s obviously an excellent judo fighter with good footwork and excellent boxing. I think he’ll try and use those skills to try and nullify my reach advantage.”

 Do you like the tournament style that Bellator has with the fights coming fairly quickly?

Brent: “I do. It has it’s ups and downs of course, but I like the fast and furious nature of the whole thing.”

If there is one guy you would like to step in the cage with who would it be?

Brent: “Somebody who’s an asshole. Like a faith healer or other charlatan of some sort.”

If you could have any other occupation besides being a martial artist what would it be and why?

Brent:”I would do data collection and observation for some astronomy program somewhere. That would be awesome.”

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