Evolution Fight League “First Blood”

Team BluegrassMMA is on scene in Louisville, Kentucky also covering Evolution Fight League presents First Blood. It is the inaugural event put on by Evolution Fight League and they plan to bring an action packed card to the Louisville area as they are set to being things at 8pm at the Expo Center.

Follow below for all the action.

Fight 1: Ronald Weekley Vs Mike Clark (featherweight)

Round 1:  Ronald Weekly comes out taking control of the cage. Landing a jab and a cross knocking Clark to the canvas. Weekly goes to side control and makes quick work of Mike Clark winning by ground and pound at 47 seconds of Round 1.

Fight 2: Ray Korb Vs Chris Nelson (flyweight)

Round 1: Chris Nelson comes out and shows off some great leg kicks knocking Korb to the canvas. Korb tries getting Nelson to come into his guard but Nelson wouldn’t have any part of it. Referee Mooney makes Korb get back to his feet. Nelson continues his onslaught with his quick leg kicks. Nelson lands a push kick knocking Korb back to the canvas. Nelson is kicking Korb on the legs and won’t let him stand up. Korb’s face is showing that the leg kicks are affecting him. Finally Korb verbally taps due to Nelson’s leg kicks.

Chris Nelson wins by verbal submission due to leg kicks with 35 seconds left of Round 1.

Fight 3: Doug Smith vs Ivan Rodriguez (middleweight)

Round 1:  Ivan Rodriguez and Doug Smith come out circling each other trying to measure there distance. Ivan Rodriguez bull rushes in landing some punches in bunches to Doug Smith’s head. Smith falls to the canvas and Rodriguez rushes in to side control landing some vicious jabs. Referee Mooney rushes in to stop the action.

Ivan Rodriguez wins in dominating fashion at 39 seconds of Round 1 by TKO.

Fight 4: Jess Hunt vs Alejandro Suarez (middleweight)

Round 1:  Jess Hunt and Alejandro Suarez come out measuring the distance between the two of them. Suarez tries a spinning kick to the body of Hunt but has no affect. Hunt lands a quick 1-2 combo stunning Suarez. They both end up in the clinch as Suarez has his back against the cage. Suarez tries circling out of the clinch and is successful. As Suarez tries tackling Hunt to the ground both fighters fly through the cage door. Both fighters appear to be ok as they get back to there feet. Everyone rushes to check on both fighters and try fixing the cage door. After a 10 minute pause in the action the fight continues. Hunt lands a quick take down on Suarez and has a cross face on Suarez. Suarez looks gassed and verbally taps out.

Jess Hunt wins at 2 minutes of Round 1 due to verbal tap.

Fight 5: Nathan Pierce vs Brandon Young (welterweight)

Round 1:  Both fighters come out circling each other. Young tries  throwing a big overhand right but to no avail. Pierce gets a quick take down on Young. Pierce immediately takes Young’s back landing some crisp strikes to Young’s face. Young was able to get back to his feet landing some good strikes on Pierce. Pierce was able to score another take down and again takes the back of Young. Pierce tries sinking in a rear naked choke, but was unsuccessful.

Round 1:  Pierce 10-9

Round 2:  Nathan Pierce comes out swinging landing some good combos on Young. Young is weathering the storm, showing he has a strong chin. Pierce shows off his judo skills getting a nice judo toss on Young. Young was able to get back to his feet and finally starts landing some big shots on Pierce. Both fighters are showing some heart as they are both taking some huge shots to the face. Pierce gets a single leg take down on Young and immediately takes the back of Young. Pierce is able to get both hooks in and lands some big shots on Young. Pierce tries getting an arm bar on Young, but Young muscles through it and and gets side control on Pierce. Young lands some big hammer fists on Pierce to close the round.

Round 2: Young 10-9

Round 3:  Pierce and Young look fatigued as they circle each other trying to take each others heads off with some big strikes. Neither fighter is successful with their over hand rights. Pierce lands some outside leg kicks on Young scoring some points on the judges score cards. Pierce trips up Young taking him to the ground landing in side control. Pierce lands some nice body shots on Young. Pierce tries getting to full mount, but Young overpowers Pierce and is able to get back to his feet. Young lands a 1-combo on Pierce and Pierce backpedals. Pierce circles Young and lands a quick jab on Young as the fight comes to an end.

Round 3: Close fight Pierce 29-28

Nathan Pierce wins by split decision over Brandon Young

Fight 6: Buddy Tessling vs Josh Arledge (light heavyweight)

Round 1: Tessling and Arledge start off slow as neither fighter is doing much. Tessling gets a take down on Arledge. Arledge is able to get a guillotine choke on Tessling, but it doesn’t look tight. Arledge is not letting go of the choke, his arms are starting to look they are giving out. Tessling is able to get to his knees picking Arledge up trying to slam him down. Tessling’s slam showed no affect on Arledge as he is able to keep the choke in tact. The round ends with Arledge having a hold of the choke on Tessling. Tessling goes back to his corner hold his wrist in agony. He doesn’t seem like he is going to continue due to injury. Doctor comes in to check on Tessling and Tessling tells the doctor he is unable to continue.

Josh Arledge wins the fight due to doctor stoppage as Buddy Tessling is unable to continue due to wrist injury.

Fight 7: Mike Overton vs Keith Huber (heavyweight)

Round 1:  Keith Huber comes out swinging landing some vicious shots on Overton. Huber clinches up with Overton landing some devastating knees to the head of Overton. Huber lets go of the clinch and tries throwing a cross to the head of Overton, but was unsucessful. Overton can’t seem to get anything going, the knee shots are affecting him. Huber clinches up once again with Overton landing some more big knees to the head of Overton. Overton taps out due to knee shots to the head.

Keith Huber wins at 2:30 of Round 1 due to verbal submission from knee strikes to the head.

Fight 8: Joe Gatewood vs Arnold Hausman (heavyweight)

Round 1:  Joe Gatewood comes out of the gates swinging throwing a right hand unsuccessfully. Hausman keeps his composure landing some huge jabs to the face of Gatewood. Gatewood is forced to retreat, backpedaling up against the cage. Hausman throws a big right hand knocking Gatewood out on his feet. Referee Mooney stops the fight.

Arnold Hausman wins at 00:35 seconds of Round 1 due to Knockout of Joe Gatewood.

Fight 9: Orlando Smith vs Richard Tunstill (light heavyweight)

Round 1:  Orlando Smith comes out of the gate and gets a take down on Tunstill. Smith lands some hammer fists to the head of Tunstill. Tunstill is able to get to his feet and clinches up with Smith. Smith and Tunstill back pedal and Smith has his back against the cage landing some short arm jabs to the face of Tunstill knocking out his mouth piece. Referee Mooney pauses the fight and lets Tunstill retrieve his mouth piece. Each fighter is forced to go back to their corners. Tunstill complains that Smith was grabbing his dread locks. Smith and Tunstill plead their arguments with referee Mooney. Smith gets angry and walks to the center of the cage and verbally taps out and walks out the cage in a fury. The referee asks Smith to come back into the cage. Smith is in a rage and starts flicking off the crowd and Tunstill.

Referee Mooney stops the fight at 1:25 of Round 1 as Smith walks out the cage. Tunstill is awarded the win due to verbal tap from Orlando Smith.

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