Hardrock MMA 44 – Results

Gary from Team Bluegrass was on hand last night this time around as a Judge scoring the fights although he wasn’t needed since no fight went to decision. Hardrock MMA 44 was held at a private members-only club which meant no media was allowed inside the doors, so we were unable to give you the typical play-by-play or results as the event happened. However Mr. Chad Cunningham of CageCraze.com was on hand and provided us with the evenings Winners and Losers so we will be able to share with you.

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Fight 1: Jonathon Ivey def Josh Franklin via Submission (Kimura) 04:23 into Rd. 1
Fight 2: Zach Sanders def Jason Keen via Submission (Rear-naked choke) 03:28 into Rd. 2
Fight 3: Joe Meyer def Shane Robinson via Submission (Armbar) 01:59 into Rd. 1
Fight 4: Justin Gamble def Michael Cockerham via Submission (Armbar) 01:39 into Rd. 1
Fight 5: Tyrelle Olding def Matt Wilson via Submission (Darce choke) 01:17 into Rd. 1
Fight 6: Phillip White Def JR Hines via Subsmission (Rear-naked choke) 01:32 into Rd. 1
Fight 7: Tony Watkins def Jesse Trout via Submission (Rear-naked choke) 02:57 into Rd. 1
Fight 8: Josh Dawson def Johnathon Clemons via Submission (Darce choke) 01:33 into Rd. 1
Fight 9: James Reed def Shane Clark via Submission (Strikes) 01:08 into Rd. 1

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