Absolute Action MMA 19: Play-by-play

We’re on scene here at Absolute Action MMA 19 in Florence, Kentucky at the Sports of all Sorts complex. We’ll be updating this as the action happens so make sure to refresh your browser. We’re scheduled to have 12 fights, three professional fights and 9 amateur fights, on tap this evening including a title fight for the interim welterweight (170lb) amateur title between Mike Dabe and Deric Reece.

Fight 1: Blake Askin (0-0) vs. Tommy Kirkland (1-3)

Round 1:
Had technical difficulties unable to blog the first round.
Winner 10-9 Blake Askin

Round 2:
Fighters circling looking for the distance fighters come in swinging and Blake is getting the better of the exchange. Tommy Goes for the shoot picks up Blake and drops him but Blake is instantly able to get Tommys back and stands back up. Again fighters are circling each other, Blake throws a jab followed up with a leg kick. Tommy comes in swinging but hes to tired and Blake hits a 1-2 combo. Tommy walking around the cage with his hands down, switches up stances and throws a jab followed up by a wild hook. Blake with a jab but Tommy is able to counter with a nice cross. Tommy shoots in for another takedown but is unsuccessful. Tommy with a huge hay-maker misses completely and falls into the cage.
Winner 10-9 Blake Askin

Round 3:
Blake with a body kick, followed up with a jab but Tommy is able to counter with a nice 1-2. Blake is backing up and Tommy is chasing him down lands a huge cross that puts Blake in a daze. Tommy goes for the take down and secures a guillotine choke. Blake regains his composure and his able to break out and get back to his feet. Tommy throws a leg kick and the fighters are back to circling. Tommy fakes the jab, and Blake throws a leg kick. Tommy with a nice jab. Blake returns the favor with two unanswered jabs followed up by a leg kick. Fighters don’t do much in the last minute of the fight but circle each other. This ends the round and the fight.
Winner 10-9 Blake Askin

Winner: We go to Judges Decision: Judge 1 29-28 Blake, Judge 2 29-28 Tommy and Judge 3 29-28 Blake. Blake wins by split decision.
Blake wins is amateur debut and is now 1-0.

Fight 2: Trevor Newhouse (0-0 Backwoods MMA) vs. Andrew Brown (0-0 AFS Academy)

Round 1:
Andrew with a spectacular head kick but misses, followed up by two unanswered leg kicks. Andrews rushes in tries to go for the clinch but is unable to get it. Andrew then follows that attempt up by unloading all kinds of kicks: legs, straight and head kicks. All of which went landed and went unanswered. After one of the straight kicks, the ref stops in to call the fight. Trevor looked like he didn’t want to be in the cage at all. Andrew looked very impressive in his debut fight. AFS Academy knows how to train their fighters.

Winner: Ref stoppage (TKO Unanswered strikes) 1st Round in 1:22 Andrew Brown
Andrew wins his amateur debut match-up

Fight 3: Steven Conley (0-1) vs. Adam Snyder

Round 1:
Adam comes up the aggressor , Steven throws a jab but the fighters clinch up and Adam is able to secure the takedown by hip-toss and gets full mount. Throws a fury of punches but Steven is able to get out and roll over Adam and is now in guard position. From the bottom Adam is working to get the armbar in, and quickly secures it and pulls and Steven taps out.

Winner: Submission via Armbar in the 1st Round in 00:55 Adam Snyder

Fight 4: James Reed (0-0 24 Fitness) vs. Robert Beal (0-0 JG MMA)

Round 1:
Rob throws a nice jab James follows it up with a jab of his own. Robert lands a nice cross and James goes in for a takedown. Robert is able to stuff it and grabs James and picks him up and throws him down and lands in full mount. Doesn’t do much in the mount position. Fighters get back up to their feet. Rob is being the aggressive one, James is backing up. James is throwing some jabs but now of them are landing. Robert is looking and shoots in, the fighters are up against the cage. James goes for a knee to the midsection. James circles and gets Rob up against the cage. 10 second horn sounds, Robert pushes James off and starts throwing a combo lands a couple, James follows up with a combo of his own. Robert lands a huge 1-2 combo that knocks down James. Robert is able to jump on him and land one more punch that puts James out. The ref steps in right before the bell sounds and calls the fight.

Winner: TKO (Ref stoppage via unanswered punches) in the 1st Round in 2:59 Robert Beal
Robert wins his debut amateur fight and is now 1-0

Fight 5: Isiac Franks (0-0 Fists full of Faith) vs. Justin Worley (0-0 Alliance MMA)

Round 1:
Fighters circling Franks with the nice 1-2 combo. Justin throws a leg kick, Franks counters with a cross. Justin shoots in and secures the takedown. Franks gets a guillotine choke in. Justin is throwing knees to the leg of Franks. Choke still in, doesn’t look like its in deep at all. Justin is scooting Franks to the cage and is in full mount but still in the choke. Justin is going after the arms of Franks and gains side control throws some nice punches, goes for full mount but lands up in half guard. Just in throwing some huge knees to the side of Franks. Frank is able to take it and lets go of the choke. Frank is now in guard position and the bell rings as they finish up scrambling.
Winner: Justin 10-9

Round 2:
Justin with the leg kick to start things outs, but Franks comes in swinging fighters up against the cage. Justin gets Franks back but Franks leg sweeps Justin and the fight is on the ground. Franks is on top in guard position. Justin is attempting the triangle from the bottom but Franks is able to stop the attempt. Franks now has half-guard. Both fighters are working to gain position right now. Justin is able to get Franks back in full guard. Justin looks like he is doing more trying to gain position. Ref steps in and stands them back up. Justin throws a straight kick, Franks rushes in Justin goes for the takedown. Franks attempts another guillotine as the round ends.
Winner: Isiac 10-9

Round 3:
Franks fakes a couple of jabs. Rushes in lands one jab, fighters up against the cage now. Franks attempts a hip-toss but Justin stopps it. Justin is now bleeding bad from his nose, I guess from the punch right before the fighters goe to the cage. Franks gets another guillotine choke in and Justin goes for the sweep and the fight goes down to the ground. Their in Franks corner right now with the guillotine choke I’m sure getting advice. After about 30 seconds in the choke Justin taps out. Justins face is all bloody and Franks has blood from Justin all over him. Franks waiting for the annoucer to officially call the fight does a backflip.

Winner: Submission via Guillotine chock in the 3rd round in 2:09 Isiac Franks

Fight 6: Jason Neagle vs. Adam Fritz

Due to complications this fight was scratched from this evenings card. Adam Fritz will be returning to fight at the Absolute Action MMA 20 card on November 19th.

Fight 7: Emmanuel Kiper (5-5) vs. Will Cates (1-1 Alliance MMA)

Round 1:
Cates with the fake kick, lands a nice jab. Kiper tried to throw something but shot in and was stuffed on the takedown attempt. Cates able to get the under-hooks toss Kiper down and lands in full mount. Kiper has as Cates head trying to stop Cates from going wild. Cates with a couple of short punches is able to get out of the hold and beings to rain down punches and Kiper is doing is best to try and defend. Cates landed probably 20-30 punches and the ref jumps in to stop the fight.

Winner via TKO (not intelligently defending the punches) in the 1st round in 1:31 Will Cates
Cates now improves to 2-1 in his amateur career

Fight 8: Brandon Demastes (4-3 On Point Athletics) vs. Chris Meyers (3-2 Drive MMA)

Round 1
Brandon coming out the aggressor lands a combo throws a leg kick and goes for a takedown attempt but Chris stuffs it. Brandon than goes for the fireman carry takedown and gets it. Brandon now in full mount. Chris tries to flip him but unable to. Brandon landing some heavy punches. Chris able to roll him over is in guard position, but Brandon is able to sink in a triangle choke. Chris picks him up and slams him down but in the process only sinks the triangle in deeper. Chris is scrambling trying to get out of the choke, but is unable to get out eventually taps to the triangle choke.

Winner Submission via Triangle choke in the 1st round in 1:08 Brandon Demastes
Brandon improves to 5-3 now as an amateur.

Fight 9: Mike Dabe (6-5 Alliance MMA) vs. Deric Reece (4-4 Smashmouth MMA) (Interim Welterweight Title Fight)

Round 1:
Mike comes out quick with two unanswered leg kicks, Deric lands a huge straight to the face of Mike. Mike shoots in for the takedown and gets it. Mike is currently in half-guard scrambling and attempts to get Derics back. Deric is able to roll Mike and end up on top in guard position. Mike is attempting an armbar, Deric picks up Mike and slams him down on his head. The drop on the head looked real bad, but Mike doesn’t looked to fazed from it. Deric is able to get out of the armbar and now has half-guard. Mike rolls Deric and is now on top in half-guard. Fighters are scrambling to gain position. Deric is attempting to roll Mike lets go and now Mike is throwing down punches. Deric with a unique attempt rolls backwards and was able to avoid danger. Mike regains full mount at this time but no damage was done.
Winner Mike Dabe 10-9

Round 2:
Deric comes out with a quick couple of jabs. Mike lands a nice head kick. Mike lands a huge knee to the head. Deric scrambles and goes for the takedown but Mike with the underhooks Mike flips Deric and lands in full-mount position. Mike secures what appears to be a guillotine choke on Deric. Deric is trying to get out of the choke but unable to he taps.

Winner Submission via Guillotine Choke in the 2nd round in 00:42 Mike Dabe
Mike is now the Interim Welterweight Champion and improves to 7-5 as an amateur.

Fight 10: Roger Minton (3-8 Grudge Training Center) vs. Marcus Finch (4-4 Vision MMA) (Pro Fight)

Round 1:
Marcus comes out first with a jab and Roger instantly shoots for a takedown. Marcus stuffs the takedown and as the fight goes to the ground, Marcus is on top in half-guard. Marcus dropping some elbows to the head is looking for his opportunity. Marcus stands up and lets Roger stand up as well. Roger with the jab but Marcus counters with a jab as well. Roger drops to the ground and has Marcus leg. Marcus is dropping unanswered punches to the head of Roger. Roger is trying to defend but not its not looking to good. Marcus is throwing a barrage of punches and throws a knee. Marcus stands up and Roger again goes for a takedown. Roger falls back to the ground, and Marcus again on top throwing down punches. Ref calls a “time” with what appears to be a punch to the back of the head. Roger is rolling around on the ground right now, looks dazed and out of it. Roger has a 5-minute recover period. The doctor now comes into the cage to take a look at Roger who is still on the ground. Roger says he is unable to continue and the match is officially over. The ref came over to Marcus’s corner and since the fight was eventually stopped from an illegal hit to the back of the head the fight will end in a Disqualification.

Winner via Disqualification from intentional hit to the back of the head Roger Minton in the 1st round in 3:28
Roger Minton now improves his record to 4-8 as a Pro

Fight 11: Brandon Suber (1-2) vs. Doug Ballinger (0-2 Georgetown MMA) (Pro Fight)

Round 1:
Doug comes out with a quick leg kick, they scuffle, and Brandon goes for and gets the takedown. They are scrambling on the ground and Doug is able to get up to his knees but Brandon quickly takes him back down. Brandon is currently on top in side control. Doug rolls over and is able to get full mount. Brandon does the dames and gets back on top but in guard position. Brandon back to his feet allows Doug to get back up. Each fighter goes for a leg kick. Brandon goes for another leg kick followed up by a sloppy take down attempt. Doug sprawls and has a choke attempt them flips to try and take the back of Brandon. Misses that attempt and Brandon is able to regain top position. Doug gets back to his knees and locks in a side choke, but Brandon scrambles and gets out and gets back to the top guard position. Brandon dropping just a few punches to the ribs of Doug. Fighters are up against the cage right now. Brandon with more shots to the ribs of Doug. Brandon looks to be attempting a kimura, lets go after the missed attempt. Brandon than lands to knees to the ribs of Brandon. Doug is scrambling on the ground, Brandon gets back to his feet and jumps down and lands one last punch before the round is over.
Winner 10-9 Brandon

Round 2:
Brandon comes out first with a leg kick but Doug counters with a leg kick of his own. Fighter clinch up against the cage and Brandon sweeps for the takedown. Brandon is in half-guard position and is attempting an arm lock, appears to be going for an Americana. He lets go stands up and drops back down in to guard landing a punch on his way down. Brandon passes Dougs guard and is now in full mount. Doug bucking to get out rolls over and is able to get back to his feet. Brandon lands a heavy leg quick and Doug is in pain from the kick. Brandon goes in for a shot and lands the takedown. Brandon on top in an inverted north-south . Doug is able to get Brandon back to guard , but not for long as Brandon sweeps and gets side control. Doug is able to get the guard position back, Brandon throws a few punches to the stomach. Brandon stands up and Doug lands a nice up-kick. Brandon retaliates and jumps down and lands a punch to the head. They scramble from half-guard to full-guard. Doug is able to get out. Fighters are standing back up, in the clinch each throwing knees. Brandon secures the under-hooks and throws Doug to the ground.
Winner 10-9 Brandon

Round 3:
In the third and final round. Doug with a huge head kick, Brandon lands a hook before going for a takedown. Doug grabs the neck and has a guillotine choke. Brandon gets out and is in guard position passes and gets side control. Brandon is now able to recover from that head kick. Brandon gets full mount. Doug rolls over to give up his back. Brandon is working for a choke, but Doug is able to get out the back door. Doug has Brandon’s back but Doug is on his back on the ground. Brandon rolls over but only sinks the choke attempt from Doug. It looks deep, but Doug is a little gassed and Brandon is able to get out. Brandon gains the top position and passes to side control. Lands two knees to the ribs of Doug. Brandon drops a few elbows to the head and ribs of Doug. Doug doesn’t look like hes doing much from the bottom. North-south position, Doug rolls over and it appears Brandon has a Darce choke in. Looks deep, Doug is attempting to get out, but unfortunately is unable to and he taps out.

Winner Submission via Darce choke in the 3rd round 4:31 Brandon Suber

Fight 12: DJ Jones vs. Dustin Center (Pro Fight)

This fight has been scratched from the card. DJ Jones decided not to show up tonight to fight Dustin. Dustin was interviewed during the show and announced he will be fighting on the Absolute Action MMA 20 card on November 19th.

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